Poets of the Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War... This is perhaps the most terrible grief of the twentieth century. How many Soviet soldiers died in her bloody battles, defending their country with their breasts, how many remained disabled! .. But although the Germans had the most part of the war, the Soviet Union still won. Have you ever wondered why? After all, compared to the Germans, the Soviet army did not have many combat vehicles and thorough military training. The desire to defend themselves caused the works of Soviet poets and writers who inspired soldiers to exploit. It's hard to believe, but even in those troubled times there were many talented people among the Soviet people who could express their feelings on paper. Most of them went to the front, where their fate developed in different ways. Impressive terrible statistics: on the eve of the war in the USSR there were 2186 writers and poets, 944 of them went on the battlefield, and 417 returned from there. Those who were the youngest were not yet twenty, the oldest was in the region of 50 years. If it were not for the war, perhaps they would now be equated with the great classics - Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin, etc. But, according to the catch phrase from the work of Olga Berggolts, "no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten." The surviving manuscripts of both dead and surviving writers and poets in the post-war period were placed in prints that were circulated throughout the USSR. So, what kind of people are poets of the Great Patriotic War? Below is a list of the most famous of them.

Poets of the Great Patriotic War

1. Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966)

poets of the Great Patriotic War

At the very beginning of the Great Patriotic Warwrote several poster poems. Then it was evacuated from Leningrad to the first blockade winter. She has to live in Tashkent for the next two years. During the war, she wrote many poems.

2. Olga Berggolts (1910-1975)

poetry of the Great Patriotic War

During the war she lived in besieged Leningrad, working on the radio and every day supporting the courage of the inhabitants. At the same time, her best works were written.

3. Andrei Malyshko (1912-1970)

poetry of the Great Patriotic War

Throughout the war he worked as a special correspondentsuch front-line newspapers as "For Soviet Ukraine!", "Red Army" and "For the Honor of the Motherland". Has expounded the impressions of this time on a paper only in post-war years.

4. Sergey Mikhalkov (1913-2009)

poets of the Great Patriotic War

During the war he worked as a correspondent for such newspapers as "Stalin's Falcon" and "For Glory to the Motherland". Retreated to Stalingrad with the troops.

5. Boris Pasternak (1890-1960)

poetry of the Great Patriotic War

Most of the war he lived in evacuation in Chistopol, financially supporting all those in need.

6. Alexander Tvardovsky (1910-1971)

poets of the Great Patriotic War

The war was spent at the front, working in the newspaper and publishing in it his essays and poems.

7. Pavlo Tychina (1891-1967)

poetry of the Great Patriotic War

During the war he lived in Ufa, engaged in active creative work. Articles Tychyna, issued in this period, inspired Soviet soldiers to fight for their country.

These are all the most famous poets of the Great Patriotic War. And now let's talk about their work.

Poetry of the period of the Great Patriotic War

Most poets devoted their time tomostly in wartime. Then many works were written, later awarded various prizes in literature. Poetry of the Great Patriotic War has corresponding themes - horror, misery and grief of war, sorrow for the dead Soviet soldiers, a tribute to the heroes who sacrifice themselves for the salvation of the Motherland.


A huge number of poems were written in thosetroubled years. And the prose works were created even more. This is despite the fact that some of the poets of the Great Patriotic War also served at the front. And yet the theme (and verses and prose) is one - their authors ardently hope for victory and eternal peace.

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