"Shore of Hope": actors and features

Today we will talk about the film "The Shore of Hope". Actors will be presented further. It's about the melodrama of 2013, consisting of 4 series. The film was directed by Alexander Kananovich.


shore of hope actors
First, we discuss the plot of the film "The Shore of Hope". Actors are named below. The picture tells of the young Nadia Potapova and Alexei Zotov. He lives in a small town, on the seashore, and in love. However, the director of the fish farm - the father of Hope - is against these relations. He reads the more affluent groom in the husbands of an adored daughter. What is able to give her Leshka - a simple fisherman? Verzhitsky - quite another matter. He is Potapov's companion and a prominent leader. In addition, this man hints that he will be happy to get married.

Key players

Nadya Potapova and Alexei Zotov are the main characters of the film "The Shore of Hope". Actors Olesya Fattahova and Sergei Mukhin embodied these images. Let's talk about them in more detail.
Olesya Fattahova was born in 1989, on February 13th. I studied at VGIK in the workshop of I. Yasulovich.

Sergei Mukhin was born in 1976, on June 16. He graduated from GITIS. He played in the "Association of 814" and the Mossovet Theater. He takes part in productions of the Center for Drama and Directing directed by M. Roshchin and A. Kazantsev.

Pyotr Kislov performed the role of Mikhail Verzhitsky. Let's talk more about it. Pyotr Kislov was born in Glazov in 1982, on June 2. He studied at the Nizhny Novgorod Theater School on the course of V. Bogomazov. Educated at the Moscow Art Theater School. He studied on the course of S. Zemtsov and I. Zolotovitsky. He joined the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. Played Valya in the production of "Representing the victim." This image was embodied on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater while still a student. This was the actor's theatrical debut. He played in the plays "The Psycho" and "The Descendant." These productions were held in the theater under the direction of O. P. Tabakov.

Other heroes

cast of hope

The director of the fish farm Potapov and Stepan alsoappear in the plot of the film "The Shore of Hope". Actors Alexander Turcan and Konstantin Balakirev performed these roles. Ilya Sotikov played Paul. Elena Akulenok embodied the image of Claudia Semyonovna - Alexei's mother. The actors of the film "The Shore of Hope" Tatiana Gulyaeva and Elena Pobegayeva played the wives of Pavel and Stepan. Anastasia Fominova performed the role of Alena. Pavel Fartukov appeared in the film as Ilya. Vladimir Tebenko played the lawyer Arkady Eduardovich. Sergei Bludov played the role of foreman Iakov Ignatyevich. Eugene Kushpel remembered the audience as Pavlov. Vladimir Rumyantsev embodied the image of the boatswain. Robert Kemelbaev got the role of a poacher. Alexander Chikranov appeared on the screen in the image of a sailor.

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