American comedian and TV presenter David Letterman: biography and career

David Letterman is the person who managed to builda brilliant career on American television. He has a tremendous sense of humor and irrepressible creative energy. Information about his person is contained in the article.

David Letterman

Biography: childhood and youth

David Letterman was born in 1947 (on April 12). His native city is Indianapolis (USA). In what family was he raised? David's mother worked as a church secretary. She has German roots. The father of our hero was a professional florist. He died of a heart attack at the age of 57. David has two sisters - the older Janice and the younger Gretchen.

A sense of humor was transferred to Letterman, Jr. fromfather. As a child, David admired the way dad tells anecdotes and funny stories. Soon the boy began to repeat it. And he did it perfectly.


At the end of the school, David Letterman went tothe city of Muncie, located in the state of Indiana. A talented and confident guy from the first time entered the University of the Brothers' name. His choice fell on the faculty of radio and television.


In the late 1960s, David Letterman receivedlong-awaited diploma. Almost immediately he got a job at local television. Our hero was the leading weather forecaster. A few months later he managed to get a radio announcer.

In 1975, David moved to Los Angeles. He earned his living by writing scripts for various shows. Also, Letterman developed his sense of humor by participating in the relevant programs. In 1978, the Americans already knew him as a talented comedian.

In 1980 the "David Letterman Show" was aired. However, due to low ratings, it was closed. Our hero was not going to give up. He worked on creating new scenarios and funny numbers.

And soon the fans could watch it again on the screen. In 1982, CBS released an updated program "Late show with David Letterman." This time the TV presenter expected incredible success.

Personal life

David Letterman (photo above) has never complained about the lack of female attention. In his youth, he often had novels with beautiful girls.

With our first wife, our hero met,being a student. David did everything to win the heart of the beauty. Soon they played a wedding. However, family happiness did not last long. In 1977, the couple filed a divorce. Later, the TV host had a novel with screenwriter Meryll Marco. But their feelings faded as quickly as they flared up.

David Letterman photo

After a while, David met a new love. It's about Regina Lasko. It was this woman who gave him the first-born son in 2003. The boy got the name Harry. Despite having a common child, the couple entered into marriage only in 2009. They still live in peace and harmony.

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