Famous biographies: how old is Shakira?

A charming singer with exotic looks,perfectly owning the technique of oriental dance - all this Colombian Shakira. The only fellow countryman of the Colombian singer who is able to compete with her in popularity is the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. By and large, he was never going to compete with Shakira, and in 1999 he just expressed his admiration for the talent of the Colombian singer.

how old is Shakira
During his rather long careerShakira managed to turn from an attractive and young Colombian girl to a world-class singer and become a real symbol of her homeland. Shakira is admired in many countries of the world, and her songs are listened to by millions of fans. How many years Shakira at the moment and how she managed to achieve such incredible success? This will be described below.

Age of Shakira

If you are curious to know how many years Shakira andhow she managed to achieve unprecedented heights in show business, then this article is designed specifically for you. Since childhood, the Colombian girl knew that the scene is her vocation, and music is her life. Many fans of the work of the Colombian performer are interested in the age of Shakira, because she has been known for quite some time. And yet she always manages to look excellently and effectively.

how old is Shakira now
So, how old is Shakira? The singer at the moment is 37 years old, and I must say that she looks much younger than her age. Many fans of the creativity of the Colombian singer will agree that she looks stunning, attractive and incredible, even despite her years.

Some facts from the biography and the creative activity of the singer

After we learned how many years Shakiranow, you can stop on the biography of the singer. The greatest Colombian singer was born on the 2nd of February. And the year of Shakira's birth is 1977, respectively. The singer's father is a Lebanese by birth, William Mebarak Shadid, while his mother is a Colombian with Italian and Spanish roots Nidia del Carmen Torrado.

The name Shakira in Hindi means "goddess"Sveta". The talent of the star was noticed even in early childhood. At the age of one and a half years the girl already knew the whole alphabet, she could already write and read at three years old, and at four she even composed poems. Parents, noticing how quickly their daughter is developing, made every effort to develop her extraordinary talents.

age of Shakira
At the age of eight Shakira already composed songs,and by eleven years mastered the game on the guitar. When the girl turned ten, she began to actively engage in oriental dances, and after a while her parents insisted that Shakira take part in a local contest, which she later won. Since then, Colombia has won absolutely all the awards in tournaments held on the territory of her hometown.

The singer's early career was not asked. In the period from 1991 to 1997, Shakira released three albums at once, two of which, one might say, failed. Only at the third attempt the Colombian singer managed to win the love of the inhabitants of Latin countries through an album called Pies Delcalzos, which was released in 1996. In 2005, Shakira's next studio album appeared, which was named Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1, and in the autumn of this year appeared another album - Fijacion Oral, Vol. 2.

After a long lull and mass concerts in 2007year Shakira all the same published her new album called She Wolf. It happened in 2009, and the fans themselves can calculate how many years Shakira was at that moment. To date, the Colombian singer is working on the creation of the newest album called Shakira.


In addition to performing songs, Shakira alsoperiodically engaged in acting. So, for example, in 1994 the singer took a direct part in the filming of the Colombian series called "Oasis". Fans of the singer can easily calculate how many years Shakira was then. The singer was offered to star in a film called Zorro, but she for some reason refused. Not so long ago, in 2010, Shakira took part in the filming of the television series "Wizards of Waverly Place", where she starred as a guest pop star.

Personal life

Year of birth of Shakira
In the period from 2000 to 2011, Shakira was in therelations with Antonio de la Rua. Now the Colombian singer is married to Gerard Piquet - a well-known defender of the Catalan "Barcelona", who, by the way, is younger than Shakira for 10 years. The couple have a son - Milan Pique Mebarak, who was born in January 2013.


The Colombian singer takes an active part in thein charity. In 1997, she founded an organization called the Foundation of the Bare Legs. Its main focus was the attraction of funds for the equipping of schools, where children from low-income families in Latin America could study. In addition, the singer is the inspiration for the ALAS foundation, which was established in 2006 and combined a fairly large number of Hispanic performers. In March 2010, the International Labor Organization decided to award a medal to a Colombian singer for many years of assistance to Hispanic children.

The most popular compositions

The Colombian singer released enougha large number of albums, which included many songs. The third album of the performer, Pies Descalzos, brought Shakira popularity in Latin American countries, and the song Estoy Aqui was most in demand among fans of the Colombian singer's creativity.

how old is Shakira singer

Subsequently for the songs Octavio Dia and Ojos Asithe singer won the Grammy Awards, and the clips on the compositions of Tu and Ciega Sordomuda enjoyed unprecedented popularity in the territory of Hispanic states. Thanks to the hit Whenever, Whenever the singer managed to achieve world recognition. Her joint duet with Beyonce and their composition Beautiful Liar was awarded the award from MTV. Such compositions of the singer as Loca, Waka Waka, Rabiosa and Can not remember to forget you are very popular to this day.

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