BTS, members of the group: biography, history and interesting facts

BTS is a Korean group whose membersconstantly changed during the pre-tete time. The name of the band in the original looks like this - BangTan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Both options are correct. In this case, there are some more official transcripts of the common name. The group consists of seven members. Who is playing in the BTS? Names of the participants: Kim Namjun (who is also Rap Monster), Kim Sokjin (Gene), Min Jungi (Shuga), Chon Honsok (Jay Hope), Pak Chimin (Chimin), Kim Tehen (Vee) and Chon Chongguk (Chongguk). Their aliases are indicated in parentheses.

bts members

Information about the team

The BTS group, whose members have changed, althoughwas formed in 2010, but due to changes in the composition of the debut was constantly postponed. The composition works with the label BigHit Entertainment. Initially, the debut was planned in 2011, but in the end it took place only in 2013. It was then that the team showed what BTS can do.

The participants' biography will be presented below, but it is interesting that the Rap Monster is the only guy that is in the band since its formation. That's why he was chosen leader.

Before the debut, the guys releasedtwo clips. This was done to acquaint the audience with the members of the BTS group. Participants already showed their talents, which were widely appreciated by the public. What is worth is only that they themselves are able to write songs, music to them and always participate in the production of dances.

June 12 was released an album and a clip on his title track. Thus, the debut took place the next day, when the guys performed for the first time on the stage of one of the muses. show of South Korea.

Jin / Gene

Kim Sokjin was born in Anyang City on December 4, 1992of the year. He is the oldest member of the collective. In combination, he is also a vocalist and person of the BTS group. Participants often say that he is really good. According to the official profile, it is possible to assert some facts: weighs 60 kg, height is 179 cm. Has an older brother.

Gene at an earlier age did not think aboutcareer musician, he wanted to be a detective. I already managed to get a driver's license. It was hard enough for him to make his debut and the ensuing camback. Gin kept saying that he needed to work more on himself and lose some weight. Wie is his closest friend at BTS. The members of the group talk about this constantly.

Jin knows a little Chinese and English. His example for imitation, he calls Top of Big Bang. He likes to eat a lot, but he knows how to cook, but he can not do it. Therefore, his ideal type of girl is the one that makes delicious dishes.

bts biography of participants

Suga / Shuga

Jungi was born in Daegu on March 9, 1993. In the group he was called daddy. He weighs 54 kg, and his height is 176 cm. In the group he takes the rapper's position. The family consists of parents and an older brother.

His favorite color is white. Shuga likes to rhyme everything, often thinks about what can be written in "Twitter", constantly composes songs in his spare time. It has a feature. When he starts to get nervous, he goes to the dialect of his city. The guy is pretty lazy if it's not about music and performances. In training, he can be given completely. The color of his face is rather pale, compared to other BTS members. The members of the group because of this nicknamed him Sugar.

Shuga started rapping with EpikHigh. Quite closely communicates with Chimin. Constantly teases him and teases him. According to a friend, Shuga is the person who is able to answer any question.

bts members of the group

J-Hope / Jay Hope

Jeong Honsok was born on February 18, 1994in Gwangju. He weighs, according to the official profile, 65 kg, and his height is 177 cm. In the family he is not the only child, there is also an older sister. In the group he takes the position of a dancer and rapper. Very fond of green.

Often Hope tells that he does notlike a different kind of physical activity, but this did not stop him from becoming a sports guy. He is quite familiar with the two members of the B.A.P. group. This is due to the fact that he was auditioning with Angje to one of the "Big Three" recording companies, and he was studying with one of the academies.

Khonsok loves to collect Lego. He also likes Apple's products. Of habits, you can note the love of order, so he always takes care of himself, and to dance. This immediately becomes noticeable as soon as the music is turned on. As an example for imitation, Hope chose GD from Big Bang. He likes girls with long hair who are able to think a lot and brainstorm.

bts names of participants

Rap Monster / Rap Monster

Leader of the group Kim Namjun was born in the capital of SouthKorea on September 12, 1994. He also takes the rapper's position. His weight - 67 kg, and height - 181 cm. Besides parents, his family has a younger sister. Favorite color Monster Rap - black. One of his close friends is Ilkhun (member of BtoB). Namjun is quite an intelligent person, he constantly needs to replenish his vocabulary. Once, when giving an interview, he said that if he had a girl not an idol, then he would definitely devote her a song. In it, Namjun apologizes for his profession and for his constant employment.

For some time the guy lived in New Zealand andThe United States. The state language of both states knows quite well, since it teaches him since childhood. His main hobby, besides music, is basketball.

When the Rap Monster only passed the casting to the agency, it was very difficult for him to dance and master the choreography. But over time, a feeling of dislike towards them was replaced by warm emotions.

ex-member bts

Jimin / Chimin

Pak Chimin is one of the few in the group that does nottook a pseudonym. He was born in Busan on October 13, 1995. In the family he is not the only one, parents also bring up his younger brother. Unlike other BTS members, he is not a rapper, his position in the band is a vocalist. He also dances well.

His favorite colors are blue and black. His dances are so good that he would not mind dancing with Kai from EXO. Being one-year-old with Vee, he considers him his best friend. Chimin still communicates closely with Shuga. Before the debut, he cared about him, constantly bringing him food and drink. Talent to write songs from Chimin especially not. Once he tried, but after reading the creation Shug joked and called the verses a lullaby.

group bts biography of participants

V / V

Kim Tahen was born in Daegu on December 30, 1995. In the group he is a vocalist. In the family, besides him, there is a younger sister and brother. His weight is 58 kg, and height - 176 cm. He has several bad habits. For example, Vee can nibble her nails. He also likes to touch all the sweet things.

Friends nicknamed him a monkey. This is due to the case from childhood: once in the zoo he spat a chimpanzee. Unlike other participants, for him an example for imitation is the father. He wants to be the same caring and interesting person.

Due to the fact that Wu has a lot of strangethoughts, many do not understand it. For example, at Shugi after their acquaintance at first time was dislike to him. Tehen is close to everyone in the group, he talked about this several times in an interview.

bts Korean group members

Jungkook / Chonggook

McNe Group was born in Busan on September 1, 1997of the year. His weight - 66 kg, and height - 178 cm. His family has parents and an older brother. In the group, it occupies almost all possible positions. In addition to makne, he is also a rapper, dancer and vocalist.

In the group, he is close enough to Shuga, Chongguk andHonsokom. They have a fairly warm relationship of parents and son. There is always a mess in his room. His favorite pastime is drawing. First the label wanted to give the guy a pseudonym, but in the end he made his debut without him. An example for following Chongguk chose GD from the group, which stands under the wing of the record company of the Big Three (YG), Big Bang. His favorite colors are yin-yang and red.

Jungkook / Chonggook

Interesting facts about the group

Group BTS, whose biography participantspresented above, originally had to be a duet and consist of Rap Monster and Airon (now performs solo). But a little later the concept of the collective was changed and the group was formed. By the way, Chimin joined her the very last. Moreover, he trained a little - one year, while all the rest - three. There are unconfirmed rumors that for the whole time the guys were training, they wrote about 100 songs themselves.

When another South Korean band, as a matter of fact, had 2AM, one of the albums appeared, it had a BTS advertisement. Participants even joked about this occasion.

As a rule, songs in this collective are written by Rap Monster, Hope and Shuga. The first one comes up with music to them. Shuga is engaged in the arrangement.

The record company has created a fan cafe yetlong before the debut of the guys. At the time of the first official speech there were only 2,000 people in it. Four days after the debut, another 3,000 people joined in.

The first time when boys were only given themname, they thought it was a joke, and laughed at it for a long time. For three years of internship, everyone was used to it. By the way, the English name is translated as "bulletproof".

Chonsok (former member of BTS), Rap Monster and Shuga rewrote the song No More Dream about 22 times (she is the debut). The original version appeared in 2012.

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