Biography of Larissa Andreevna Guzeeva - talented actress and TV host

This article will describe the biography of GuzeevaLarissa Andreyevna, Honored Artist of Russia, a talented film actress and TV presenter. In her life there was everything - and envy of colleagues, and disappointment in love, and loss of loved ones, and life in a damp room without heating, light and water, and alcoholism. In spite of all the trials that were destined for her, Larisa Andreevna managed to "create herself" the way the whole country knows and loves her.

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Biography of Larisa Andreevna Guzeeva began withThe fact that in 1959, namely on May 23, in a small village called Burtynskoe, in the Orenburg region, a girl was born in a simple family, which was destined to become a popular film actress. As Larisa remembers, she was always a pretty girl. Mom, a professional seamstress, always tried to dress her daughter in something unusual and interesting, but since she was allowed to go to school only in uniform, the only opportunity to show herself in all its glory was the New Year holidays, on which Larissa looked like a real princess. But she was saddened that the boys did not fall in love with her ... because she was too thin. The adults assured her that she has the makings of a good figure, will grow up and everything will be, and the boys will be, but this did not soothe her.

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Once, when Larisa was eleven, in the familya misfortune happened - her younger brother died, who barely completed three years. It happened on Constitution Day, and therefore, when the mother brought the boy to the hospital in the evening, the doctors were not there. A young inexperienced trainee could not help. Larissa recalls that since then she does not like cut flowers - there were so many of them on the grave of her brother that ruffled in her eyes.

Entering the theatrical

Biography Guzeeva in 1979, replenished with a newpage - Larisa, a young beautiful long-haired girl, came to enter the theater. She was sure of her success by one hundred percent, but when she saw hundreds of same purposeful long-haired beauties in the hall of the institute, she decided to take a desperate step-she cut her hair. So, not hoping only for her talent, she decided to defeat the selection committee with an unconventional appearance. And she did it, Guzeev was enrolled for the first year.

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Star biography: actress Larisa Guzeeva

The first film, which starred Larisa Andreevnaeven in his student years, filmed himself Eldar Ryazanov. "Cruel romance" brought Guzeeva a real success and ... black envy. Classmates could not stand her triumph, began to humiliate her in every way, reproach him and blame him for all the serious sins. The girl was seriously worried, even wanted to quit the institute and commit suicide. She was rescued by her mother, who was always there and supported her daughter in every possible way. At the same time, Larissa was addicted to alcohol, from dependence on which was later treated for a long time. The actress recalls that then she could not see through the fog of her wild life. She deliberately destroyed herself, gained an extra twenty kilograms, almost quit the profession, since no one took it off. Biography of Larisa Andreevna Guzeeva says that in her life there were many moments when she could drop her hands and surrender. But, fortunately, now we know her as a successful actress and TV presenter who has overcome all the blows of fate and become the idol of millions.

Larisa Guzeeva: biography - children and husbands

Guzeeva often fell in love. As she recalls, she was twice married to stupidity and once for love. With her current spouse, screenwriter Kakha, Larissa met in 1991 in Georgia. This was the first man from whom the actress wanted to have a baby. In 1992, a son appeared in their family. Larisa Andreevna recalls that during the put candy-bouquet period, they lived with Kakha in a hotel, a damp room without heating, lighting and water, they ate in a cheap Georgian eatery, but, according to the actress, for lovers, they had their own charms.

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