Violinist David Garrett: biography, personal life, creativity

The amazing violinist David Garrett is unique inall! He does not care where to act, whether it's the privileged audience of the London Royal Albert Hall or the open air on the street, in front of ordinary passers-by. He feels comfortable both in an exquisitely expensive dress coat, and in ragged jeans and a simple T-shirt. "The main thing is the opportunity to play and give people music," as David Garrett himself said. The biography of the musician, the first years of life and events, which mainly influenced the formation of the personality, are described below.

David Garrett, biography


The future violinist was born in 1980 on September 4 inthe town of Aachen, the place where the three countries meet: Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. His mother is a famous American dancer, and his father is a lawyer who simultaneously sells violins at auction. The lessons of his father mainly influenced the infatuation of the younger son with music. By the way, Garrett is not the real name of the musician, or rather, for his pseudonym he chose the mother's maiden name and became world famous as David Garrett. The family of the musician bears the surname of his father - Bongartz.

Fateful gift

There are several versions that discloseThe case where the violin first fell into the hands of a small David. One by one, the violin was presented to the elder brother of the boy, who did not show any special interest to her. While the four-year-old looked at this instrument with admiration, and showed special interest to him, and after a while he learned to play well.

violinist David Garrett

Another story tells that the violinThe little boy grabbed as soon as he saw her, and did not allow her to give it to her brother. However, it does not matter how the violin fell into the hands of the future legend, it is important only that she had it, and to this day he does not part with it.

As David Garrett himself said, his biographywas rather complicated. Father raised children in a harsh atmosphere. He was very authoritative in the family. Everything that was associated with human emotions or their manifestation was dropped. Talking about business and music was important. Because of this, David's relationship with his parents was strained. But this applies to adolescence, now they have become warmer and more trusting.

Difficult childhood

Childhood with David was original, in the besttraditions of the 18th century. Up to 17 years he practically did not leave the house. He lived in his "soap bubble", and his acquaintance with peers was reduced only to communication with his sister and brother. The boy did not go to school, studied with tutors at home and spent all his free time playing the violin. The talent of the little boy showed up very early. And when David turned 10 years old, he was hired by the best violin teacher, who at that time was a professor at the Cologne Conservatory Zakhar Nukhimovich Bron.

David Garrett, personal life

The career of a professional violinist started forboy very early. As soon as he was eight years old, he played in the world-famous symphony orchestra, and at thirteen he made a speech with Yehudi Menuhin. Already then the honored masters called David Garrett the greatest violinist of his generation.

Adult career of a little boy

After enchanting performances young talent was noticed and began to be invited to television. He lit up in Dutch and German broadcasts.

Perhaps the most important proof of a largethe professionalism of the little boy was the invitation of the President of Germany, Richard von Weizsäcker himself, to give a concert in the presidential residence at the Villa Hammerschmidt. As a sign of respect and recognition of his professionalism, the head of state presented David with the unique violin of Stradivarius.

David Garrett, albums

This is not the only exclusive violin ina collection of a virtuoso violinist. Now he plays Stradivari, created in 1703, but he loves to change his instruments, because everyone has his own unique sound, voice and soul, as David Garrett asserts. The biography of the teenager was so colorful and full of events that few people ever experienced at such an early age.

At the age of 14 the boy signed a uniquetime contract with Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft as the youngest soloist in the history of the company's existence. In Delhi and Bombay, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of India's independence, he played in the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Zubin Meta.

When he was 19 years old, he received a lotpositive feedback from music critics after playing under the direction of Rafael Frubeck de Burgos with the Rundfunk symphony orchestra in Berlin. After such success, he was invited to perform at the very prestigious and world-famous exhibition in Hanover Expo-2000.

To this day, the fastest violinist-virtuoso who played "The Flight of the Bumblebee" in one minute, remains David Garrett. His record was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

"Other" music

In his family, the arc of music, other than the classical one, does notknew. David grew up exclusively on Shostakovich, Beethoven and Bach. When he grew up a bit, he began to discover such rock bands as Queen, Metallica and AC / DC. By the way, the first rock album bought by Garrett was A Night at the Opera.

David Garrett, family

Fateful decision

The conclusion of the contract with the recording studio soon gave its results, and the world learned who David Garrett was. The albums released at that time consisted of classical music.

At that time, everything was decided by his father, and, tired ofobedience, he made his first independent move, which proved crucial for David and his future career as a musician. As soon as he turned 17, he moved to New York for admission to the Juilliard School (Juilliard School). It was the most famous music conservatory in the world.

Such a radical solution did not likeparents, and he was forced to sever all contacts with them, which affected the financial security of the boy. Training David paid for himself, literally "clinging" to any work that came across, not bent on anything. He washed dishes, worked in a women's clothing store as a model, even washed toilets in clubs. A lot of success earned him a modeling career, he is still called "Beckham of the classical scene", and his image is more suitable for a rock musician than for a classical musician.

The time of training in the academy is connected with numerous works and a very busy life - only about this tells David Garrett himself, the personal life of this legend remains a mystery.

David Garrett and his girlfriend

Plans for the future family

Because of the severe nature of the father and the atmosphere in whichDavid grew up, he decided to become the opposite of his father for his future children. More than once in the interview, he said that he does not want to raise children in the atmosphere in which he grew up himself.

However, about how his mother brought up, heresponds very warmly and with gratitude. Mom was able to instill in the boy the economy and taught to order. David very early learned to cope on his own. He is still trying to do everything himself, does not like chaos and disorder, and this is very strict. He's just obsessed with cleanliness. It will not be difficult for him to wash the floors. The process of harvesting the world-famous violinist David Garrett compares with meditation.

In those moments when the musician is at home, he is inmostly prepares for concerts. But in order to concentrate, he must first establish a certain order around himself. It is interesting that in a conversation about housekeeping, a violinist never mentions a companion of life. David Garrett, whose private life is hidden under seven castles, has not yet presented his companion to life to the world.

David Garrett's record


The creative activity of the musician is amazing. By the age of 36 he is very popular in music circles, but not only as a musician, but also as a screenwriter, director and even actor David Garrett. His albums diverge in millions of copies and amaze with a combination of classical music and the image of a rock musician.

David is quite productive, in some years hemanaged to produce two albums. So, in 2007 he released two albums: Free and Virtuoso. 2008 was less productive - Encore, but in 2009, again, two collections of masterpieces under the name of David Garrett and Classic Romance were created. The last album Rock Symphonies, released in 2010, has become unique. This, according to the author, is his best work, created in the style of crossover, which combines different musical directions.

Glory in the movie he brought the main role in the film "Paganini: the violinist of the Devil", released in 2013. Later, he starred in one series of the famous TV series "Quantico."

It should be noted that to date, heachieved everything he wanted, and the world learned who David Garrett was. His biography amazes with a large number of successes, which he achieved in his teens.

As for the serious relationship, then he himselfsays that he is still free, but that's not entirely true. There were rumors, and the photo surfaced on the web, as David Garrett and his girlfriend Tatyana Gellert cute coo at the fashion show in New York.

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