Biography of Vitas - an artist with an unusual voice

Having a unique voice, singer Vitas,whose biography will be the topic of this article, burst into Russian show business in 2000. His unusual manner of dressing, acting on stage and singing with falsetto was instantly remembered by millions of listeners, many of whom became his faithful admirers. Biography of Vitas is rich in events. The singer received many awards for participating in various festivals. In March 2002, he set a record and became the youngest performer who performed in the Kremlin with a solo program.

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Biography of Vitas: the beginning of the artist's creative path

Singer Vitas, whose real name and surname -Grachev Vitaly, was born in 1980 (19 February) in the Latvian city of Daugavpils. Being a schoolboy, he attended a music school in accordion class. After school he worked for a while in the theater of voice parody, where he met his future producer Pudovkin Sergey Nikolaevich.

Biography of Vitas: the starry hour

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In December 2000, the singer gave his firstthe general public with his composition "Opera number 2". In parallel with musical activity, Vitas manifests himself as a designer, and in 2002 presents his first collection of author's clothes "Autumn Dreams". At the end of the same year, the singer takes part in the filming of the multi-series film "The Beloved Bastard", where he plays the role of provincial artist, who blew up the capital scenes with his voice. He successfully develops his career in the theater: in 2003 he plays a nine-year-old boy in the dramatic play "Victor, or Children in Power." In the same year he takes part in the Indian Film Festival in Delhi, where he performs at the opening ceremony.

For the entire period of his work the singer gavethe largest number of concerts in the Baltic countries, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Israel among all Russian performers. In the period from 2004 to 2006, Vitas was known as the most popular and popular guest performer. His album, entitled "Kiss in Length to Eternity", broke all records - over half a year more than two million copies were sold. Over the entire period of the artist's work, fans bought more than ten million of his discs.

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Biography of Vitas: recognition in Asia

The artist gave hundreds of concerts in such countries asGermany, Kazakhstan, the United States, Australia, Canada, Israel and, of course, Russia, where millions were loved by him. In 2005, Vitas went on a concert tour to conquer the Asian countries. Despite the fact that the image of people's perceptions and thinking in the countries of the East is very different from European ones, Vitas's creativity also found its viewer there. Residents of Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan are regular guests of his electronic fan club on the Internet.

Vitas: biography - family, wife, children

For a long time, viewers and critics doubted"Normality" of the artist. His extraordinary manner and personal life, which he categorically refused to talk about, led everyone astray. But recently it became known that the artist is married, his wife is twenty-nine-year-old Svetlana Grankovskaya. There is a couple and daughter Alla, who was born on November 21 in 2008. The singer for many years is pleased with his fans with a wonderful mood, an amazing voice, bright and joyful music, the basis of which is for sure not only the undoubted talent of the artist, but also his happiness in his personal life.

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