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Surotdinov Andrei Minkhanovich is a Russian musician, film composer, active violinist of the group "Aquarium" with whom he has been cooperating since 1995. He was born in Semipalatinsk in 1960, April 26.


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Andrei Surotdinov in the late eighties and earlyNineties played in the ensemble of Ars Consoni. He was mainly focused on the authentic performance of musical works of the Baroque era. For the first time Andrey Surotdinov appeared in the group "Aquarium" during the work on the album "Navigator". Then he succeeded Andrei Reshetin. In 1999, the third group was formed. "Aquarium" 3.0 has found stability. From this moment our hero became a permanent member of the collective. In addition to working with Aquarium, he participated in the creation of two albums of the Nastya group. The author of the music for the series "The Streets of Broken Lights", as well as the pictures "Abyss" and "The Man in a Case". He worked on the plays of Alexei Slyusarchuk, who is the main director in the theater "Mansion". He created music for the productions "The Brothers Kühelgerten" and "I'll call myself Gantenbain". The wife of our hero is Daniela Stoyanovich. She is an actress. Also the musician has a son.

Interesting Facts

Andrei Surotdinov outside of the group "Aquarium"acts as a composer. At the same time, his solo works are not in the collective style, but they are no less interesting. It should be noted that our hero is not only a violinist. He perfectly speaks piano, harpsichord, and also plays the viola. His solo work began very interesting. Once Alexey Slyusarchuk invited the musician to watch a performance called "Alexicon". After watching, he invited our hero to play live on the violin to create a kind of atmosphere. The musician experienced his strength. He decided on this, because he really liked the apparent "non-mandatory" of what was happening. That is, he was not obliged to play, and therefore he freely and actively created. So serious fruitful cooperation began. Our hero created a phonogram for the performance "Let's call myself Gantenbain." Further in Moscow the production "The Kihelgarten Brothers" was released. The next performance, the music for which our hero wrote, is called "Tattoo". He was staged at the Triad Theater.


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Andrei Surotdinov is best known as a participantthis group. It is one of the oldest in Russia, if we consider representatives of the genre of rock. The ideological inspirer and vocalist Boris Grebenshchikov is the permanent leader of the collective.

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