Actors of the film "5 Wave": partially teenage casting

"The 5th wave" is a screen version of the first part of the eponymous work of Rick Yanci, narrating about the insidious plan of an alien invasion.

actors of the movie 5 wave

Advantages of the picture

The picture could be lost in a multitudemodern cine-dramas about an ominous apocalypse, if not the actors of the film "5 Wave". Also undoubted advantage of the film criticism is the focus of the director and screenwriter on other aspects. Jay Blakeson and Rick Yanci focused on human emotions and feelings, especially on the first romantic feeling, which distinguishes the tape from others. In addition to romantic experiences, the teenage heroes will have to quickly grow up, make decisions not by age, in order to save the planet from death.

actors and film roles 5 wave

Performers of central roles

The narration in the film is led by Chloe Grace Moretz and Nicholas John "Nick" Robinson - the actors of the film "5 Wave", who played the roles of two main characters Cassie Sullivan and Ben Parish.

A group of producers offered to perform the mainthe male roles of Evan Walker and Ben Parish to the rising stars of modern cinema - Alex Rowe ("Call", "Sniper") and Nick Robinson ("Sworn Friends", "The World of the Jurassic Period"). By the way, casting on the performer of the role of Ben Parish was held by T. Sheridan, N. Robinson and M. Hope.

Unlike male actors, ChloeGrace Moretz was the only candidate for the role of Cassie. The killer from the superhero comedic action movie "Pipets" stated that she had re-read the literary original several times and would be happy to embody on the screen the character she liked most. The actors of the film "5 Wave" did not see another actress during the casting for the main female role.

actors of the movie 5 wave

Casting reruns

Actors and the role of the film "5 Wave", their texturedthe correspondence immediately after the premiere of the show became the subject of close attention on the part of film critics and ordinary viewers. However, even during the preparation for the production of the film, the public was excited about rumors of the casting. The fact is that for the role of sergeant Reznik, who, by the way, was a man in the book, considered very famous and popular actresses: N. Portman, D. Chestane, E. Blunt, R. Wright, R. Weiss, N. Harris. In addition to the claimed stars, casting was held by M. Rodriguez, M. Tomei and D. Lewis. As a result, rejecting all candidacies, the creators settled on actress Maria Bello.

The already approved actors of the film "5 Wave" wereare surprised by the decision of the producers, who preferred actor Liv Schreiber in the casting for the role of Colonel Vosh. The fact that the image of this character claimed the actors of the first magnitude: V. Mortensen, R. Crowe, D. Clarke, M. Shonarts, DB Dale and I. Hawke. They also wanted to try on the status of the film-colonel G. Pierce, D. Bishir, L. Evans, B. Foster, D. Edgerton and D. Leto.

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