Singer Zemfira: biography of a unique artist

Favorite and adored by many Zemfira, biographywhich will be described in this article, has grown on the music of such legendary performers as Tom Yorke and Victor Tsoi, and Queen bands, Aquarium, Nautilus Pompilius, Black Sabbath. The older brother introduced her to the rock. You can say, thanks to him, the world learned about who Zemfira Ramazanova is.

zemphira biography

Biography of the artist: childhood

The future singer was born on August 26, 1976 inthe city of Ufa. She showed her ability to music from an early age. At five I went to music school for the first time, at seven I already wrote my first song. Zemfira was born in an intelligent family: my father taught history, my mother worked as a doctor. My daughter was happy with her parents - she was an excellent pupil at school and in sports she achieved considerable successes: in 1990 she became captain of the Russian women's national basketball team. Despite the fact that monotony in the music school began to act Zemfira on the nerves, at the insistence of her mother, she still finished her studies, in addition with a red diploma.

Zemfira: biography - education and career start

Zemfira Ramazanova biography

First, the future singer planned to enterphilological faculty, but I saw by chance the ad about the entrance examinations in the music school - I decided to try it. She was immediately accepted for the second year, but after a year Zemfira becomes bored, she regrets her choice and hardly finishes the school that has grown disgusted with her. In 1996 he works as an operator on the radio "Europe +" (a branch in Ufa) by the operator, and at night he writes down his first songs on the computer, which later became real hits: "Synoptic", "Snow", "Why", etc.

In 1998, the singer creates her own band Zemfira. In the arsenal of the singer at that time, a lot of material has already accumulated, which she decides to pass through her friend Leonid Burlakov (the producer of the Mumiy Troll group). The fact that Zemfira - a real nugget, Leonid does not doubt for a minute and immediately invites her to the capital to record the album. On March 24 of the same year, at a press conference of the company "Utekai zvukozapis" the new singer Zemfira was first introduced to the public. The biography of an unorthodox actress, of course, contains information about the fact that not everyone accepted her work, and criticism took place. Vladimir Polupanov in the review of the album wrote that the texts Zemfira illogical, "do not carry in the world of truth" and have philological flaws. But this did not stop the singer from capturing the hearts of millions of fans.

the singer of the zemphira biography

Zemfira: biography - on the wave of glory

In 2000, the country heard the second albumactress, who sold a crazy print (more than 1.5 million copies). The album became one of the most successful in the history of Russian show business. 2002 presented the fans with the third album of Zemfira, copies of which on the first day sold more than one hundred and eighty thousand. In 2003, Zemfira became a laureate of the Triumph Youth Prize. And in 2004 her biggest dream came true - she sang a song with the Queen band "We are the Champions" at the MTV Russia Awards.

Zemfira: biography - personal life

It is known that the singer is not married. Rumors about the novel with musician Petkun in the late 1990s were just a thought-out marketing move to promote her first album. The press contains unconfirmed information about the unconventional orientation of Zemfira and her special attitude to the actress Renata Litvinova.

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