The series "Under the shower of bullets": actors, plot

In 2006, a multiseries drama "Under the shower of bullets" appeared on the screens. It tells about one of the most crucial periods in the history of the Second World War. Who played the main role in the movie "Under the Bullet Show"?

actors under the gun fire


The main character in this film was played by CyrilPletnev. A lot of roles in military films were performed by this actor. "Under the shower of bullets" - a picture in which he appeared in the familiar image. For this work, Pletnev was awarded the Golden Sword award.

Tatiana Arntgolts played a nurse who,true, dies already in the first series of the film. In the series "Under the shower of bullets" actor Yang Zapnik played the role of Captain Tikhomirov. Alexei Ilyin - one of the co-workers of the main character. Mikhail Pristastrov-Belov and Vadim Andreev also played in the series. Other actors ("Under the shower of bullets"): Zakhar Ronzhin, Sergei Zharkov, Elizaveta Arzamasova, Alexander Siguev, Lev Prygunov.


The war took many human lives. The Germans gradually seized one country after another, eventually reaching the USSR. Only here they were awaited by a powerful rebuff from the fearless army. Despite the surprise attack and the seizure of several key cities, the military was able to fight back. That's just for the whole period that the battles continued, many ordinary citizens were caught lying on the line of fire.

In the series tells about one of the mostexperienced reconnaissance squads. The people entering it each day risked their own lives in order to find out all the necessary information from the camp of the enemy. The protagonist is Lieutenant Besfamilny (Cyril Pletnev), who has been on the verge of life and death for several months. But each time he managed to get out of the water and return to the base with the most important reconnaissance data. Soon he will be waiting for a new, most dangerous task in life. In his execution Besfamilny will help his gallant comrades, with whom he went through many trials on his way. Will they succeed once again as winners from a seemingly desperate situation?

alexey ilin

Cyril Pletnev

As already mentioned, this actor appears more oftenon the screen in the image of a man in uniform. Kirill Pletnev was born in Kharkov, but he received his education in St. Petersburg. Several years after graduation he played on the stage of the Dzhigarkhanyan Theater. In the movie Pletnev made his debut in the series "Streets of Broken Lights", performing an episodic role. The military played this actor in such films as "Shtrafbat", "Soldiers", "Saboteurs", "Admiral" and so on.

Alexey Ilyin

The actor was born in Moscow, in an artistic family. For the first time on the set Alexei was at the age of 15 (played in the series "Little things of life"). In total Ilyin's filmography contains more than forty works, among them roles in the films "Simple Truths", "Carmelita", "Poor People".

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