Biography of Christina Asmus - a young and promising actress

The actress of the Russian theater and cinema becamerecognizable viewers thanks to the role of a sweet, slightly stupid Vary in the series "Interns". Actress Christina Asmus, whose biography will be described in the article, decided on the choice of profession while still a young girl. Affected by its decision popular at the time the series "Wild Angel" with Natalia Oreiro in the title role.

biography of christina asmus

Biography of Christina Asmus: childhood

The future actress was born in the city of Korolev(Moscow region) in 1988 on April 14. The real name of Christina is Myasnikov. However, for the profession of the actress, she seemed unattractive to her and already in adulthood the girl took the surname of her grandfather, who had German roots. And now she is known as Christina Asmus. Her biography contains information that the family, in addition to her, had three more daughters. Parents, trying to provide them with everything necessary, worked very hard - they left early in the morning and returned late. The girls grew independent and single-minded. Since eight years, Christina has been engaged in artistic gymnastics. Due to constant employment of parents from Korolev to Moscow for training, she traveled independently, which undoubtedly tempered her character.

Biography of Christina Asmus: a blow to the dream

christina asmus biography

The future actress without any problems entered thetheatrical school, but after six months of training she was expelled. Argumented by the fact that she did not live up to expectations, and advised to work on themselves. Christine did not break and did not stop, she returned to her native Korolev, where she played for more than two years on the stage of the "Good Fairy Tale" theater and in the regional Youth Theater. In 2008, the girl decided to once again try fate and again went to Moscow. Years of acting practice were not in vain and she easily arrives at Boris Klyuev at the Shchepkin School.

Biography of Christina Asmus: first success

In 2010 he passed a casting for one of the mainroles in the new humorous television series Maxim Pezhemsky "Interns". The contender was unheard of, more than two and a half thousand, but this did not prevent Christine from convincing the commission that it was better for her than Varya Chernous to play. And, indeed, the work of the actress was on the screen is so good that it was showered with a lot of suggestions from other directors. She was recognized on the street and asked for autographs. In the same 2010 Asmus played the role of Sasha in the "Alibi for Two" detective, worked in the modeling agency in parallel, starred in the comedy "Fur-trees".

actress christina asmus biography

According to the magazine "Maxim", Christina Asmus became the sexiest girl in the country in 2010.

In the next (2011) year Christina fella barrage of proposals from the directors. For a year she managed to star in the film "Dragon's Syndrome", continue to work in "Interns", participate in a variety of television shows. In February 2012 in Moscow with great success the premiere of a film called "Cinderella", where Asmus played the main role. Her colleagues on the set were already recognized stars - Nonna Grishaeva, Nikita Efremov, Lisa Boyarska.

Biography Christina Asmus is already rich in achievements, but in the future there will be even more. The audience will often hear the sonorous name of a young and talented actress.

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