Anna Sedakova. Biography of a strong woman

anna sedakova biography
A smart hot brown-haired woman with Ukrainian roots,which is the object of lust for men - is Anna Sedakova. The biography of the singer speaks of her as a strong, self-sufficient and desperate girl who is ready to do anything to achieve her goals and the well-being of children. Her interviews and revelations in social networks excite many, do not leave indifferent both fans and anti-fans. Anna boldly talks about everything that surrounds her in life, and is not afraid of the truth.

Anna Sedakova. Biography of youth

A girl was born in the city of Kiev on December 16, 1982of the year. At the age of 5 the girl lost her full family (father left). Anna periodically lived with her mother, then with her dad. Later his father disappeared from his daughter's life and appeared only when she was waiting for her first child. In 2010, he was killed. Since childhood the Ukrainian beauty has got used to an atmosphere of creativity, was brought up on the best musical compositions. From early childhood, Anna was engaged in dancing and singing, was a member of the folk ensemble and graduated from music school. Anna Sedakova, whose biography excites many, has always been a professional in her field.

biography anna sedakova

She graduated from the University of Culture and Arts,having received the specialty "Actor and TV presenter". From the age of 15 she performed on the catwalks and took part in photo shoots. Later she was invited to one of the music channels of Ukraine.

Biography of Anna Sedakova. The history of VIA Gry

In 2000, the TV host anda professional singer went to a casting in one of the famous Russian bands. With ease, she went through all the casting tours, but by virtue of her age, she managed to get into VIA Gru only in 2002. The trio, consisting of blonde, brunette and redhead, conquered the scenes of Russia and the CIS countries. Later, the "golden" composition of the group was formed, which is still being talked about in the press and among the people.

Anna Sedakova, whose biography containsfascinating history of personal life, is not afraid to be frank in his interviews. In 2004, she married a football player Valentine Belkevich, gave birth to his daughter Alina. Two years later the lovers parted. The second her husband was a businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, with whom they got engaged in 2011.

anna sedakova biography photos of children
In the same year, the couple's daughter Monica was born. Again, two years later the couple got divorced. There are many rumors about the reasons for the rupture, but no official information was given to journalists about this.

Now Anna lives with her daughters in the United States, continues to tour the world and work in a solo project. The star has his own show ballet, which travels with it everywhere.

Anna Sedakova. Biography. A photo

The singer loves children and her team most of all onlight, which he likes to write in social networks and tells in an interview. Now for her there is nothing more important than the work and well-being of children. Despite the complex nature, Anna is kind and vulnerable in her soul. She, like all women, wants to be happy and beloved. While in her life there is no decent man, but he will certainly appear. And now it's time to build a career and move to the American dream with your beloved daughters.

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