Singer Elka: biography of an extraordinary artist

Unconventional singer Elka, whose biography will bethe topic for discussion in this article, as a child began to show the ability to music. However, fate played with her, and for a while Elka felt that her dream of becoming a singer is unrealizable. Now she is a successful actress, touring not only for the CIS countries, but also for distant foreign countries. It is loved by millions, criticized by hundreds, but indifferent to its creativity there.

Christmas tree biography

Christmas tree: biography of the artist. Scenic pseudonym

The real name of the singer is Ivanziv ElizabethValdemarow. She used to call her best friend in her youth, and the new name became so established that some familiar girls did not even know what her name was really like. And even the father of the future singer was offended when relatives sometimes forgot the name of his daughter. The Christmas tree was born on July 2, 1982 in Uzhgorod (a city in the west of Ukraine). The girl's family was musical - his father collected jazz music, his mother played three instruments, grandfather and grandmother sang in the folk choir. Followed their footsteps and Elka - first sang in the school choir, then developed her data, visiting the vocal circle. For some time she played in the KVN team and performed on the backing vocals of the rap group "B & B". And in 2001 she tried her hand at the role of a solo artist in the style of rap. Her performance at the festival was noted for himself by Vlad Valov (already a successful producer at that time), and three years later he remembered about the talented girl and offered cooperation. Elka was very surprised by the offer, because she had already lost hope that her dream would ever come true, and got a job as a waitress in the restaurant.

Christmas tree biography personal life

Christmas tree: biography. On the way to glory

Tense but fruitful work began. The first song, performed by Elka in collaboration with Valov, was "Words spoken by you". In 2004, she performed with the composition "Bitch-love" at the evening of memory of Mikhey, after which the singer acquired her first admirers and critics. Then she saw the light of one of her most successful songs, "The City of Deception", which was the beginning of an album released in the autumn of 2005. All subsequent compositions and albums of the singer multiplied the number of her fans. Elka was repeatedly awarded with "Muz-TV" and "Golden Gramophone" prizes.

Christmas tree: biography. The Fractional Period

Once the singer was invited by Alla Pugacheva herselftransfer, which was broadcast by radio "Alla". Elka said that she occupies her small niche and does not aspire to anything more. Pugacheva gave an impetus to the young performer, asking a question about where she would invite her, if she wants to come to her concert or come to visit. Elk is very hurt, an interview with the most prima donna pushed her to new victories.

Christmas tree biography of the husband

Christmas tree: biography. Personal life

In her life behind the stage the singer prefers no onenot to dedicate, especially journalists. She believes that the personal must always remain behind the scenes, otherwise it ceases to be so. However, journalists know their business. Despite the fact that the singer carefully concealed her life partner, they managed to find out his name. When the information was made public, many were surprised, because no one even knew that she was married.

Married Christmas tree: biography

The husband of the singer is Sergey Astakhov, who is now the administrator of the singer. They say that they have a wonderful relationship and the Christmas tree is very happy in her personal life.

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