Singer the Christmas tree: biography and the creative path

Very often in the family of creative people appearthe same kind of gifted children. Being interested in the life of celebrities, fans try to learn as much as possible about their relatives, their habits, preferences, fears and many other details. So, singer Elka, whose biography is full of bright events, from the first days of her popularity became for many a real ideal. The girl was born exactly in the family of creative parents, who madly adore jazz, and the mother of the star perfectly owns three musical instruments. In addition, the grandmother and grandfather of the singer also did not imagine a life without vocals and creativity. Of course, it is not surprising that the Christmas tree began to take an interest in music and today feels like a fish in the water, performing popular songs (and the researchers determined that all of its singles carry positive energy, which is very important).

singer christmas tree biography

Many fans are interested in who the singer isChristmas tree, the biography of the girl, her height, weight, other parameters, eye color and other details. It is worth noting that already from school the girl wanted to practice vocal, for which she began to walk in a circle, and also performed songs in the local chorus. Elka tried to graduate from the music school, but eventually left the institution, as she did not develop relations with the teachers. In the nineties the girl became a back-vocalist in the famous band "B & B". But after she broke up, the actress for a while did not appear on the stage. In 2001, the girl noticed Vlad Valov and decided that she would certainly cooperate with her. A few years later, he contacted the beauty and offered to try to make a "hit". It was then that the singer Elka (the biography of the creative nature of which, one might say, started from that moment) got a chance to become a star and show herself to the world. Within a couple of months the girl first appeared at the concert with the song "Bitch-love".

how old is the singer of the Christmas tree

A lot of time has passed since then, but the famousthe singer managed to make a wonderful career, to assert herself as a talented and motivated person, and also to get true fans. After 2004, everyone involved in music knew who the Elka was. The singer's name is Elizaveta Valdemarovna Ivantsiv. She claims that she did not invent her own pseudonym specially. Even at an early age, the girl began to call her a good friend. After that, almost all friends and even my mother called Lisa Elkoy. Native actress like the name less than the fictional, so sometimes she does not even respond to him.

Christmas tree singer's name

Also fans are interested in how many years of the singerElk. The girl never concealed her age and openly declares that she is 31 years old. Over the period of her work, she has repeatedly changed the direction of her work and is now famous as a music producer, a fascinating TV presenter and, of course, a talented singer. Today, the beautiful woman tries herself in the role of an actress and has already acted in several episodes. Unsurpassed singer Elka, whose biography is diverse and interesting, has repeatedly won in various musical and television projects. It's hard not to replace her, because she is a bright, attractive, open and uncommon person.

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