The film "Loving in Love": actors, roles, plot

The series "Luck in Love", the actors and roles of which are presented in the article, went on screens in 2012. What is this film about?

In a real sense, everything is plausible: facial expressions, gestures, words. It is impossible to make a mistake in a person whose presence worries from the very beginning. Is there real love? Yes, certainly. But sometimes the connection of two lovers threatens with death. What to do? The answer to this question is given by the melodrama "Lucky in Love". Actors, asking a topic for reflection, forced viewers to rethink and analyze their own actions.

actors of the film are lucky in love

main characters

Alice and Kostya met only recently. The meeting was the beginning of an amazing dialogue. With each new appointment, their hearts filled with incredible warmth, as if they had known each other for years. Without doubting sincerity and honesty, young people continued to recognize the characters and habits of each other. But along with tenderness and affection the feeling of misfortune grew. Who played the main roles in the movie "Luck in Love"? Actors Anna Gorshkova and Stanislav Bondarenko created a bright duet.

Anna Gorshkova

The actress starred in more than thirty projects. For the first time in the main role, she appeared on the screen in the TV series "Poor Nastya". The audience also remembered it on the film "Two Fates". Anna Gorshkova appeared in the usual role for herself in the film "Luck in Love". Actor's career was formed due to the demand for such a genre as melodrama. Other films with Gorshkova - "Ticket to the harem", "Provincial passions", "Passenger", "Heavy sand".

lucky in love actors

Stanislav Bondarenko

This actor starred in the series"Lucky in love." He is quite well known to fans of Russian melodrama. The films in which Bondarenko played the main role - "Intim do not offer", "Fugitive", "My mother against", "In the name of love", "Bring back my love." Stanislav Bondarenko supplemented the gallery of romantic images with a role in the film "Lucky in Love".

Actors who played other characters in the series -Yuri Shlykov, Andrei Finyagin, Elizaveta Lotova, Dmitry Ratomsky, Maria Dobrzhinskaya, Kristina Brykova, Vadim Kurilov, Elena Petrova. The film was also played by Alena Yakovleva who created a lot of interesting images on the stage of the Moscow theater of satire, but in the movie held only as a serial actress. The role of the spouse of her heroine was performed by Yuri Shlykov, who often appears in the role of an officer.

Lucky in love actors and roles


In the life of Alice and Constantine began to occurnon-standard cases. The closer they got, the more often they were accompanied by failures. That health was shaken, then the long-awaited project was transferred into the wrong hands. Not going to put up with a difficult situation, Alice decided to have an open conversation with an astrologer who predicts the future and assesses the situation.

The space forecast was disappointing. Stars and planets made a verdict. To disappear the trouble, lovers must leave forever. Believing in the existing karma, Alice and Kostya parted ways. Over the years, the heroes realized that, having received the desired well-being and financial independence, they lost a fiery and burning feeling that could serve as a gift for the suffering suffered.

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