Ivan Bunin: the best poems and prose

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin - the famous Russianwriter and poet, one of the most outstanding representatives of the literature of the Silver Age. For his works and best poems Bunin was awarded the Pushkin and Nobel Prize in Literature.

Biography: childhood and youth

Ivan Bunin was born in the city of Voronezh on October 101870 year. His family belonged to a noble noble family (one of the ancestors of the writer is Vasily Zhukovsky, the poet and mentor of Alexander Pushkin himself). However, by the time of Ivan's birth the Bunin family had become impoverished and lost its former greatness. The father of the future writer, Alexey Nikolayevich, was a simple official. The family, consisting of the mother, father, Ivan himself, as well as his two older brothers, rented an apartment in the house number 3 on the street Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya.

best poems of bunin

In the family they loved and valued literature, parents andbrothers often read aloud the works of Pushkin and his best poems. Bunin at home with the help of a tutor studied Latin and read a lot. By this time the family had already lived not in Voronezh, but in the family estate that was in Orel province.

In 1881, the future writer entered Yeletskayamale gymnasium, but did not finish school until graduation - in 1886 he came home for the winter holidays and decided not to go back, for which he was expelled. Bunin continued his studies at home, his brother became his teacher.

At the age of 16-17, Ivan began seriouslytry myself in literature, wrote novels and poems and sent them to publish in various magazines. One of the best poems of Bunin of that period is the "Village beggar".


The first collection of the poet was published in 1891,after which Bunin quickly became known in the literary environment. He got acquainted and communicated with critics, publicists and other writers, and poets, worked in the editorial office of the journal "Orlovsky Vestnik" and visited a literary circle.

Six years after the first publication, the book "To the End of the World" was published. At this time, the writer began to translate poems of foreign poets - Byron, Mickiewicz, Petrarch and others.

According to critics, Bunin's best poemswere written in 1898-1903. The poet received the Pushkin and Nobel Prizes for the collections "Under the open sky" and "Listopad", published in 1898 and 1900. But the poems included in them were not popular with readers, since poems dedicated to nature and its landscapes were considered old-fashioned.

the best poems of bunin

In the last decades of his life Bunin wrote inmostly prose. So, 1910-1915, when the stories "Easy Breath", "Sir from San Francisco" and "Grammar of Love" were published, are considered the peak of his literary career.


Famous literary critics note that the bestBunin's poems are extraordinarily picturesque, illustrations for them could be paintings by Nesterov. The poet talentedly selected for his works words that accurately reflect the meaning that he wanted to convey.

Much of the writer's work is devoted to the theme of feelings and love. One of the best is the story "Sir from San Francisco," striking with the precision and expressiveness of the language of the narrative.

Bunin's style was much different from creativityother writers of the time, the poet himself considered himself free from any literary trends. Critics believe that Bunin's works do not have a typical clear system, his work is ambiguous and can not be accurately characterized by any one term.

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