Brenda Bletin - a beautiful woman and a talented actress

Brenda Bletin - a beautiful woman and talentedactress. Looking at her, you wait for the comic, good-natured character, but her characters are often unhappy and weak, despite the fact that she is strong and purposeful. How does she manage to combine this?

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A family

Brenda Bletin was born in post-war England ina family where love, respect, morality and diligence reigned. The girl was the youngest of nine children, her birthday fell on February 20, 1946. The father of the family worked as a mechanical engineer, and the mother sat at home, devoting herself to her sons and daughters, and household chores. Childhood Brenda was not hungry, but the family lived more than modestly.

Still quite a girl Brenda Bletin dreamed of becomingfamous actress. Parents supported the daughter, although they did not consider this occupation a serious profession. The girl graduated from a technical college and even worked as a stenographer and accountant. These posts could kill all the creative and aerial that was in the character of Bletin. Fortunately, she never stopped and moved to a dream!

After graduating from the Guildford School, she went to the capital of England.


London - the starting point for the career of an actress. In 1970, Brenda Bletin was admitted to the Beibl and Coventry Theater. Later, she connected her life with the Royal National Theater in London.

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Much fame was brought to her by the service in the Manhattan Theater. In 1991, Brenda received the Higher Theater Award for her work on the main role in the play "Missing Friends."

Gradually, Brenda Bletin conquers television screens. The audience meets her in the series "Yes, Mr. Minister!", "War and Peace" and "King Lear".

The next goal of the beautiful and talented Englishwoman is the cinemas all over the world.

Success in the cinema

Confidently moving towards the goal, Brenda Bletin did not hesitate to play secondary roles. Already in 1983 she starred in the film "Henry Six."

Loud popularity in the world of cinema Блетин has receivedthanks to the roles of Mrs. Jenkins (the film "The Witches") and Mrs. Macklin (the film "Where the river flows"). These works brought her fame and audience love, but the most prestigious awards were ahead.

The film "Secrets and lies" brings Bletin long-awaitedthe BAFTA and the Golden Globe Awards. Her work on the main role was nominated for an Oscar. By the way, not only Brenda herself was noted, the picture received many different awards.

The role of Mary Hoff in the film "Holosque" gives Brenda the opportunity to get a well-deserved "Oscar" in the nomination "Best Actress".

Further career goes only uphill, it is recognized and loved by the audience. She is shot in pictures that are doomed to success: "Save Grace", "Pride and Prejudice", "Intimate Dictionary" and many others.

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British actresses are famous for their beauty,elegance and diligence. Suffice it to recall such famous persons as Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh or modern divas: Keira Knightley, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Watson and Kate Winslet. Honored among the most famous British actresses is Brenda.


The list of films in which Brenda Bletin worked, is very impressive and has more than 30 paintings, several serials and cartoons, to the characters of which she gave her voice.

Rich filmography and fame of the Britishactress brought diligence and talent. For many years she worked hard. Films with her participation came out every year, and it was all she managed, in addition to working in the theater and on television.

One of the last works in the series is the role of the detective of the Faith. According to the actress herself, this character is the closest to her character.

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In real life, Brenda also had to showskills of the sniffer, and she coped well with this. Once in her friendly family, a misfortune happened - one of the brothers disappeared. Brenda went to his search, traveled through the cities, spoke with people, showed the photo and still found it.

Interesting Facts

  1. The film "The Witches" introduced the Russian viewer to thecreativity. Today her name is associated with a children's fairy tale. The film was very popular in its time, although, of course, it can be attributed to horrors with great stretch, but it falls confidently into the category of "fantasy". Unusual characters, magic, the fight between good and evil, the salvation of good characters and the protagonists of children - today this film evokes positive emotions and pleasant memories (despite its "age").
  2. Brenda considers himself very strong andpurposeful wife. According to her, she will survive in any conditions. But the characters that come across to her are, on the contrary, weak, lost in life, entangled in problems, unhappy women.
  3. She easily manages to reincarnate and surprise spectators. The actress is very fond of dancing and songs, and when in real life there is no place for them, she is happy to include them in her game on the screen.
  4. Work with director Mike Lee for her very muchfascinatingly. Their joint work "Secrets and lies" has collected a lot of awards and positive reviews. The peculiarity of the director's work is that he forces the actors to completely forget themselves and immerse themselves in their character. He does not have a clear script. With each actor, he discusses the role, reveals the nature of the character and his past. Further on the stage, the "life-show" unfolds, where everyone knows what is behind him, but can not be sure what awaits him ahead.

Strong woman - Brenda Bletin

The personal life of the actress was always for her in the background, since the first was busy with work. Marriage for Alan James Bletin was short-lived and left her only a surname.

Over the years, Michael Mayhew (art director) was close to her, but they did not get married until after 30 years of relationships.

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Brenda loves to rest with a book or crossword. According to the actress, complex puzzles and charades are her passion.

Together with her assistant, the actress is working on a biographical book, which should soon appear on Russian counters.

Several years ago, Brenda visited Russia as the chairman of the jury of the film festival "Faces of Love."

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