Actor Pirogov Kirill: biography, creativity, photo

Many viewers consider him the most charmingthe actor of Russian cinema. Some respect his work, others watch films with his adoration. In this article we will talk about the life and creative path of a famous theater and movie actor named Pirogov Cyril.

Childhood and adolescence

The future actor was born on September 4, 1973 inIran, where his father was engaged in labor activity (export of products), and his mother taught Russian. Due to the fact that his father was always busy, his mother devoted all her free time to raising her son. That's why Pirogov Cyril grew up as a comprehensively developed boy who, from an early age, spoke fluent English and French.

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Also, Cyril liked to engage in fencing andgo to the theater studio. Perhaps the latter fact played a decisive role in choosing a profession. Despite the plans of his parents, Cyril decided to "plunge" into acting.


Among all the educational institutions, Kirill's choice fell on the Shchukin school, in which he was accepted on the first attempt. The young man turned out to be a student in the course of Vladimir Ivanov.

After completing his studies in 1994, Pirogovwas lucky to get a role in the theatrical performance, organized by the students of GITIS and Shchukin school. The performance was called "Noise and Fury". After the show, there was an unprecedented event - Kirill Pirogov was invited to Peter Fomenko in his "Workshop". Previously, none of the graduates did not immediately go to this well-known troupe. According to Cyril himself, he then turned out to be "under the wing" of the teacher not only in the profession, but also in life.

The beginning of the creative path

With new strength and fresh looks, the young actorbegan his work on the stage of the theater at Fomenko. Here he got completely different roles, in which the young talent was revealed from different sides. In particular, in the play titled "Wolves and Sheep" Pirogov, Cyril played the role of Claudius Gorodetsky - a negative hero. And in the production of the novel "War and Peace" he showed the image of a nobleman, performing the role of Nicholas Rostov. In addition, Cyril participated in such productions as "Month in the Country", "Mad from Shayo", etc.

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Debut in the movie

The beginning of work in the film industry turned out to beactor is no less successful. So, the very first opportunity to do a movie, which Pirogov received Kirill, was the main role in the film of the famous director Georgy Danelia. This happened in the distant 1995. The director chose Kirill, despite his utter failure at the castings in this film. During the filming, Danelia showed great patience in working with Pirogov, who was experiencing great excitement. Actor still managed to present the audience with the image of the idealist Oleg in the film "Eagle and Tails".

Shooting in movies

For the whole five years Kirill did not receiveinvitations to act in films. But here again came to the rescue a happy opportunity: Pirogov was offered a role in the film work of Alexei Balabanov "Brother 2", which was released in 2000. As the director later admitted, he saw the actor on another casting and he liked the "dynamic" face of Pirogov. So, in the most popular film, which won the hearts of millions of viewers, Ilya Setiovy was played by Kirill Pirogov. The actor after this film did not sit idle - he was immediately offered to star in the movie "Sisters", where he fell a negative role. Again, Cyril was satisfied with the creators of the tape, and the audience - the image of the villain was conveyed reliably.

personal life Cyril Pirogov

Separately, critics note the actor's participation in thea film directed by Cyril Serebrennikov called "Rostov-Pope, or South Decameron." It was necessary to play a young man who was madly in love with his girlfriend from childhood.

Actor's career: our days

According to many kinomanov, one of the fatefulroles for Pirogov became the image of a scoundrel in the serial film "The Diaries of the Murderer", also filmed by the director Serebrennikov. In this tape, Cyril showed the audience a complex character, but at the same time an ordinary person. The hero by the will of fate was suppressed by terrible events in life and after that he did not continue to live, but simply to exist.

No less exciting role of Pirogov received in the series"The Red Chapel", where he happened to play a mute. Of course, the hero did not have words, but Cyril managed to convey all his experiences to the public with the help of gestures and live facial expressions. Participating in this film, even greater popularity was acquired by Kirill Pirogov, whose photo is adorned with our article.

Also, the actor starred in a multi-series project"Doctor Zhivago", where the hero of Cyril was Gordon. This film does not accurately convey the content of the novel, but its main essence is not lost. In recent years, Pirogov managed to take part in such films as "Triptych", "Admirer", "Admiral", television series "Revelations."

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"Slicing" from personal life

Cyril Pirogov's personal life has always representedinterest for fans of his work. Especially intriguing is the fact that the actor seldom attends parties and social gatherings. As he himself admitted, there is no point in attending such events, because there is no joy there. In addition, the celebrity with doubt refers to television, which, in his opinion, deprives people of ordinary human communication.

As for hobbies, the actor likes to listenclassical music and jazz. He will never go out into the world "in anything," always chooses things with taste. Many of his acquaintances speak of him as a man who, with his appearance, resembles a gallant nobleman who happened to be accidentally from the 19th century today.

Awards for talent

It is worth noting that Pirogov Kirill Alfredovichhas in its arsenal of many awards and confessions. So, in 1995 he was awarded the "Nika-95" award for the best film debut (for participation in the film "Eagle and Tails"). Most recently, namely in 2012 he received a prize at the Moscow Festival of Domestic Cinema for Best Actor. The award brought the role of Chekhov, which the actor performed in the film "The Adorable."

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In addition, Pirogov is a laureate andthe nominee of many awards and film festivals, where he noted at a high level not only his acting skills, but also the talent to compose music. For example, in 2006 at the Golden Eagle Film Prize, he was nominated as the best composer for musical works specially written for the film "Peter FM".

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