The series "Supernatural". Demon Crowley: description, description and interesting facts

Almost every film or series haspositive and negative characters. However, not all of them are endowed with a certain charisma, possessed by the demon Crowley from the popular American mystical TV series "Supernatural". And although the original authors of the project King Ada was conceived as a secondary character, he liked the viewers so much that he decided to leave it and include it in the main storyline. So who is this colorful hero? Than it is remarkable? And why does not it cause negative, like other demons?

Crowley demon

Sketch of Crowley's portrait: a characteristic

So, get acquainted, Crowley is a demon withThe attractive appearance and wayward character. Has a great sense of humor, and also skillfully uses sarcasm. He loves luxury, beautiful women, good alcohol and gambling. He never does anything just like that.

In his own words, any actions should take place with an exclusive benefit for themselves. Therefore, he rarely compromises and prefers to keep several trump cards in his sleeve.

The demon Crowley, played by the unrivaled Mark Sheppard, simply loves to achieve the set goals. And he does it at any cost, often using very sophisticated torture.

Crowley Demon

Occupied position in the hierarchy of demons

Initially, Crowley holds the postan ordinary crossroads demon. Recall that his duties included the search for desperate people and pushing them to sign a contract. Moreover, the entire procedure for concluding the transaction took place at a crossroads, and also provided for the signing of a magic document by the client's blood and the voluntary sale of his soul in exchange for any benefits.

A little later Crowley (demon crossroadsreceived a promotion) became a right hand of a certain Lilith. It was she who was the first supernatural creation of the night, which Lucifer created immediately after his expulsion from heaven.

Even later, Crowley goes to hell and becomes hisking. In this position, he quickly develops and develops his own rules, struggling with conspiracies and intrigues of wards, and also increasing the number of sold human souls.

First mention of the character

For the first time, the demon Crowley is described by a certain Becky Rosen(according to the script, she is an ardent fan of a series of the same name books about the adventures of the Winchester brothers) in season 5 of the series "Supernatural." At the request of the prophet, she tells the main positive characters to Sam and Dean about the fate of the Colt they are looking for. According to her, instead of the demon Lilith, who was already known to us, the cunning weapon against evil forces was transferred to Crowley.

Relationship between the demon and Lucifer

Despite the fact that Crowley is a demon("Supernatural" - one of the series that raises the theme of otherworldly forces), it is not alien to the manifestation of some human qualities. For example, we are talking about some kind of rivalry and jealousy for the more successful fallen angel Lucifer, with whom they periodically fight for the power and office of the King of Hell.

In one season, Crowley helps to defeat Lucifer and imprison him in a cage. Later, he will be cruelly deceived and humiliated by him, because of what he is forced to flee, leaving the crown and leaving the kingdom of hell.

Lucifer, in his turn, could have longget rid of your eternal opponent. However, he plays with him and mocks. But the demon Crowley does not drop his hands and periodically nurtures long-playing plans for seizing power.

Mutual cooperation with the Winchester brothers

Hatred of your opponent leads ournegative character to unusual cooperation with Winchester hunters, whose task is to destroy all possible undead and save humanity from the next Armageddon. Serving the brothers, he helps get rid of Lucifer and again returns power to his hands.

However, this is only one example of partnershipKing of Hell and monster hunters. Periodically, their destinies intertwine. And despite the perfect opposite of the parties, the Winchesters and Crowley often help each other out. For example, they repeatedly deduce a demon from depression, helping in the fight against drug dependence on human blood. He also helps the brothers to get rid of leviathans and the ruthless Knight of Hell Abbadon.

It was not without negative moments, eitherCrowley is the creation of evil. Therefore, periodically he surreptitiously harms his allies. For example, it assists Dean in the search for the First Blade (with his help Cain killed Abel). However, during his use (the fight with Abbadon) and because of his own selfish motives, he turns one of the brothers into a demon. And even the Winchesters often lure Crowley into diabolical traps, kidnap and carry in the trunk, loop around.

But in general, hunters and the King of Hell can peacefully exist, periodically clashing in small battles. He tenderly calls them "boys" and sometimes calls to just chat about life.

Crowley demon supernatural

Prototype of the demon Crowley

It is believed that our negative character has becomea prototype of one of the English poets born in 1875, who was a cabbalist, occultist and tarologist. His name is Aleister Crowley. The demon in this case derived from him an interest in the otherworldly forces and a penchant for black magic (after all, his mother was a powerful witch).

By the way, in the series "Supernatural"there is another demon, but already bearing the name Alistair. According to the plot in one of the seasons, he was the chief infernal hangman, specialized in horrific tortures of people and supernatural beings. He was particularly cruel and cunning.

Interesting facts about the demon Crowley

Crowley is a demon appearing in the form ofa reddish cloud of smoke. By itself, in this state, it can not exist. Therefore, I have to look for a vessel - a human shell capable of withstanding a demonic entity. If we talk about his chosen carrier, then during his lifetime he was Fergus Roderick MacLeod, born in Scotland in 1661.

This person, as described in one of the seriesthe demon himself, was a very weak and pitiful creature. As a child he was abandoned by his mother - the witch of Rowena. He was not satisfied with the average family, a naughty child and a small salary. Later, Fergus turned to the demon of the crossroads and concluded a deal in order to dilute his boring life with more vivid moments.

Alister Crowley Demon

What abilities does the demon have?

Based on his demonic nature, Crowley has the following abilities:

  • the gift of immortality;
  • invulnerability to the ordinary human instrument;
  • teleportation;
  • the gift of healing and resurrection from the dead;
  • telepathy.

In addition, he is able to distort reality as he needs. This demon is also capable of settling into other people if necessary.

Crowley demon character quotes

What phrases of the character became winged?

Despite the fact that this is a negative hero (Crowley -demon), character quotes diverge between fans of the series, like hot cakes. And although they are vulgar in places and not without sarcasm, they are often pronounced on the case and in a timely manner. For example, what is only his phrase, pronounced by him after a long journey in the trunk of a Winchester car.

interesting facts about the demon Crowley

Interesting are the quotes in which the demondescribes his attitude to the angels, hunters, reapers and ordinary people. Almost all of them have become winged and are happily used by fans of the television series "Supernatural".

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