Life and work of Sherwood Anderson

The 20th century in American literature is an important period when new genres began to appear, as well as existing, but previously unvalued, directions.

US Literature in the 20th Century: Major Genres and Authors

In the 1900s, literature in the United States belonged toauthors like Ernest Hemingway, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov, Ray Bradbury and others. The genres of horror literature were popular (one of the most famous writers in this direction was Howard Lovecraft) and science fiction (Isaac Asimov, Robert Sheckley, Philip Dick).

In the works of this period began to risetopics that were considered taboo and banned for discussion. Stormy resonance in the society was caused by the book of Jerome Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye" - it was withdrawn from the libraries of American schools, which led to the opposite effect and only increased interest in the story and its protagonist Holden Caulfield.

One of the American authors of the 20th century iswriter and prose writer Sherwood Anderson. Despite the fact that his name is not so well known, his novels and novels today are considered a model of literature and served as inspiration for many more popular authors.

Sherwood Anderson: Biography

The future writer was born September 13, 1876 in Camden, Ohio. Sherwood Anderson's father was a representative of the working class - he worked as a saddler.

When the boy was 7 years old, the family moved to the village of Clyde. This place the writer later indirectly mentioned in his work "Winesburg, Ohio."

At that time, there was an economic crisis in the country. After the death of his father, Sherwood Anderson was forced to drop out of school to provide the mother, his brothers and sisters. Later, the writer's mother passed away, and Sherwood Anderson went to Chicago. The Spanish-American war began, the young man was called to the service.

After returning from the army, Anderson decided to continueHis education and entered the Wittenberg College. After that I began to try myself in writing short stories and short essays. In 1910, Sherwood Anderson also began writing novels. Two years after that, he experienced a severe nervous breakdown.

Throughout his life, Sherwood Anderson was married to four women. The writer died in 1941 from peritonitis while traveling in South America with his last wife, Elinor Cowperhaver.

Not so many photos of Sherwood Anderson were published. For example, his most recognizable photo was taken in 1933 by Karl Van Vechten, another writer of that time.

Sherwood Anderson

Creativity: novels

The first large-scale work of the writer is the novel "The Son of Windy MacPherson", written in 1916. The main character is a boy living in Iowa.

A year later, the secondAnderson's work is a "Marching Man", which tells of the life of an ordinary worker in the industrial age. A similar idea - human nature against the aspiring to order and organization of industrial society - is also present in the most famous work of the writer "Winesburg, Ohio." The prototype of the place of action was the village of Clyde, so the novel in a sense can be considered autobiographical.

Sherwood Anderson Photo

Other works by Sherwood Anderson include the novels The White Poor (1920), The Dark Laughter (1925), The Many Marriages (1923), and others.


A significant part of the work of Sherwood Andersonconstitute novels, based on which you can fully appreciate the talent of the writer. These short works are considered one of the best examples of American literature of the 20th century.

Sherwood Anderson biography

Based on the short stories "Egg Triumph" (1921)), "Horses and People" (1923), "Death in the Forest" (1933) created their masterpieces Thomas Wolfe, Robert Faulkner, John Steinbeck and others. Ernest Hemingway in his novel "Spring Waters" (1926) parodies the techniques of other famous writers, and in particular Sherwood.

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