"I will always wait for you" - actors and features of the film

In this material, the roles and actors of the film "I'll Wait for You Always" will be presented. The director was Alexander Itygilov (junior). Operator's work of Igor Ivanov.


I will wait for you always actors

First we'll discuss the plot of the film "I'll wait for you"always". Actors will be named further. The main character is Alena. She became a student of the Agricultural Academy, but decided to go to the correspondence form of training, to go to the village to her beloved grandmother, to work and live there. But she came home not alone. Tolik, a childhood friend, returned from the army. He is trying to take care of Alena. Even sends a neighbor to marry a heroine. However, Alain refuses. She claims that everything is fine with her, and she will marry only for a loved one. The grandmother-accountant works in a greenhouse and arranges a granddaughter there. Tolia after refusal goes into drinking. At this time the director's son arrives from London. As a result of the interweaving of human destinies, it becomes increasingly entangled.

Key players

the actors of the movie I will always wait for you
Alyona Strogova and Vladislav Kuznetsov are the main characters in the film "I will always wait for you". The actors L. Khasanov and I. Nesvetayev performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Lilia Khasanova was born in 1987, on May 8th. I studied at VGIK, in the studio of A. Ya. Mikhailov.

Igor Nesvetayev was born in 1986, on the 14th of January. I studied at the acting faculty of VGIK, in the studio of VA Grammatikov.

Artem Grigoriev played Anatoly Lyakhov. This actor was born in 1982, on September 4, in Yaroslavl. He was a student at the Yaroslavl Theater Institute. I studied at the Moscow Art Theater School, in the studio of E. Kamenkovich. Participated in the performances of the DOC Theater.

Other heroes

Actors of the film "I'll wait for you always" Olga Mateshko and N. Horokhorina performed the roles of Claudia Stepanovna - grandmother of Alena, and Polina - the mother of Tolik. Let's talk about the first of them in more detail.

Olga Mateshko was born in 1947., On October 26, in the Kiev region. I studied at VGIK, in the studio of O. Pyzhova and A. Bibikov. She became an actress at the Dovzhenko film studio. Became famous, having performed the role of pilot in the film "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle." After the death of her husband, Alexander Ataevich Itigilov, the filmmaker and cameraman, she left for the United States. In Manhattan was a teacher. She worked as a sound engineer in New York on RTVI.

Anna Canaris played Veronica Gurianova. This actress was born in 1985, November 27, in Moscow. Comes from the family of a military pilot. I studied at the Tver Cooperative Technical School, at the Faculty of Law. Then she became a student of RATI-GITIS. She studied at the actor's faculty in the studio of B. A. Morozov.

N. Boklan embodied the image of the owner of the greenhouse.

Wife Kuznetsova Olga and saleswoman Valya also appear in the plot of the film "I'll wait for you always". Actors Anna Legchilova and D. Ivanova performed these roles.

  • S. Kalantay embodied the image of a banker.
  • Natalia Vasko played Alla - Guryanov's wife.
  • Anastasia Kasilova played the role of Oksana.
  • Vitalina Bibles played Dusya.
  • Victor Saraikin embodied the image of the district militiaman Stepan Ivanovich Laptev.
  • Svetlana Kosolapova was remembered by the audience as a secretary.
  • Nikita Parkhomenko played Igor.
  • Yuri Potapenko played the role of Fedor - Alyona's neighbor.
  • Sahak Duryan appeared in the story as a friend of Tolik.
  • D. Tolyarenko played Lyosha.
  • Oleg Primogenov played the role of Paul.
  • Inna Miroshnichenko embodied the image of the medical assistant Lyudmila.
  • Igor Zorov was remembered by the audience as a doctor.
  • Vitaly Sementsov performed the role of priest.
  • Alexander Sviridov appeared in the plot as a policeman.

Some facts about the film

the roles and actors of the film I will always wait for you

Next, we give some information about the film "II will always wait for you. " Actors were named above. It's about melodrama, consisting of 4 series. Scenario Vadim Avloshenko. The composer was Roman Dudchik. Painters - Anatoly Pidoprigora and Marina Pshenichnikova. The producer was Irina Zarya.

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