Anime-horror: the list of the scariest films

Sometimes human fates are more interesting than anymotion picture. But still a rare inhabitant of the planet can boast that in his life at least once embodied a scenario similar to the plot of such bands as "Silent Hill" or "Twilight." And this, of course, is good, because one thing is passive to watch, and the other is to participate. And there are people who prefer real characters to drawing, and that the script was not worse, but even better than in the usual horror. These are fans of anime.

Such adult children's tales

Before providing a list of terriblehorror-anime, it is worthwhile to figure out where the legs of human passions grow from the acute sensations. All the peoples of the world, before the advent of writing, from mouth to mouth, ice-cold legends were transmitted, fairy tales were composed, which reached us in an already polished form. For example, the lovely tale of the Brothers Grimm, if you tell them in an adult way, it's unlikely that someone will seem harmless.

list of terrible horror-anime
Themes in almost any children's fairy taleheavy trials, hardships, narrative abound with terrible details, cruel moments. All this is interwoven with fear and loss, pain and murder, monsters and evil spirits. What is the cannibal in the fairy tale "Boy-with-finger", the boiled king in "The Humpbacked Horse", a secret room in the "Blue Beard". Why do people need this, especially children?

What attracts horror stories?

From the point of view of psychology, the sensations thatexperiencing a person who looks terrible stories, he is not able to feel in real life. This is understandable, because civilization imposes certain restrictions on society. Therefore, looking at how a maniac pursues his victim, the viewer transforms his aggression into fear, thereby nullifying the latter. In addition, a person has a feeling that the world around him is not so bad, against the background of the abominations that he sees on the screen. Actually, this is a kind of film therapy, in which awful animes are not the last place, because the artist's brush, his imagination, is able to translate the ideas of the writer and director in the best way.

The use of terrible

As for children and adolescents, for themhorrible stories are nothing more than an encrypted message, saying that you can find success by attaining certain difficulties. In other words, to experience grief in order to comprehend happiness. The metaphorical meaning of fairy tales, mystical stories, terrifying legends proves to be more useful than any empty talk. So it turns out that people are brought up with the help of fairy tales, because there is hardly a person who never read them.

anime-horror, the list of the most terrible
Do the parents do the right thing, protecting theirchildren from scary anime and cartoons? Of course not. After all, the child will have to grow up in an unsterile world, in which there are problems, grief, death. He will have to face meanness, betrayal, insecurity and fear. But only knowing them, he will be able to appreciate real friendship and a stable life. Anime visually show the children life's collisions, as well as prompting for reflection.

Cartoons - cure for problems

Soulmongers argue that if a child orthe teenager constantly looks at the anime of terrible content, then, most likely, something deeply worries him. Thus, he tries to survive the traumatic situation. The parents' task in this case is to unobtrusively talk with their child, to understand the problem that is tormenting him (conflicts with classmates, teacher's misunderstanding, first love). Maybe the child does not feel like everything, unnecessary, superfluous, and therefore chooses the characters, as it seems to him, to be right for himself? In any case, to view horror movies did not hurt, you need to control the age category and the genre of animated films. After all, among the anime there are both melodramas and hentai (cartoons of erotic content), so adults should be careful to choose. And then the anime horror, the list of the most terrible of which will be presented below, will not harm the child's psyche.

Scary anime ratings

So, having understood the aspects of benefit or harmproducts of this kind, you can start to wonder what the admirers think about it. Of course, there is not one list (anime-horror) of the most terrible cartoons, according to the multi-million army of fans of this genre. It can be films on different topics, for a different audience, series or full-length pictures - they are united by one: Japanese creators.

top 50 most terrible anime horror
There is a more extended version of the list, the top 50 most terrible anime horror, which varies in detail, but invariably it includes such masterpieces as:

  • the series "Death Note";
  • a serial film "The School of the Dead";
  • "The Tomb of the Fireflies";
  • "Blood: the last vampire";
  • "The girl who conquered time";
  • "Princess Mononoke";
  • "Fullmetal Alchemist";
  • "Spirited Away".

Among the anime of this list there are really frighteningfilms with a philosophical overtones, as, for example, the first specified series, and there are also easier anime fairy-heroic content ("Princess Mononoke").

The cherished ten

In the top 10 most terrible anime horror includes really worthwhile pictures, which are obligatory for viewing to every connoisseur of the genre.

List of the most terrible anime horror in the world
But for this it is necessary to create a mood. It is advisable to plan the viewing in the evening, sitting comfortably under a warm blanket with a laptop.



"A fish"

This film tops the anime (horror) list of the mostterrible cartoon horror films. There are a lot of versions, so there is no single rating approved by all, but "Fish" is in the lead in most cases. The plot is very non-trivial. After graduating from university, friends go to Okinawa to rest. Settled in the summer house of his friend, they did not suspect what will happen for them to rest. Once upon a time the girls are attacked by a nightmare, capable of moving on land ...


Under such an innocent name lies the terriblea story about orphaned children who for many years cared for each other independently. But their well-being is violated by a fateful encounter: the little sister faces an unprecedented butterfly. After this, the girl slowly but surely turns into a cruel carnivorous monster.


Mystical series makes you think about manythings, the world in which we live. After death, the boy resurrects in a strange room, like a hotel room, with a beautiful view from the window. But the trouble is that there is only a black ball from the furniture in the room, and it's impossible to leave the room ...


Quite a long, but passing in one breath series, tells of a noble neurosurgeon who saved the life of an innocent boy, who eventually turned into a cold-blooded killer.

"The deceased"

Very gloomy series about vampires. About them is told not in a romantic way. Before society there is a problem: in the surrounding villages, the inhabitants begin to die from the mysteriously anemic anemia that struck them.


The series of 2012, which tells of the favorite of the whole class, suddenly died. But the point is that her friends refuse to put up with this fact for years.

"When cicadas cry"

In the list (anime-horror) of the scariest films thisthe picture was not in vain. Despite the rather complicated and unhurried plot, the animated film fascinates. The narrative is about a quiet and tranquil village, into which a decent family moves. But behind the seeming idyll is a real nightmare.

"Hunting for ghosts"

The film tells about a mysterious building, standing in front of the school, in the dilapidated walls of which settled something strange ...

"Hell Girl"

The plot revolves around school subjects, complexteenage relationships in the classroom. An inconspicuous girl recklessly lends a large sum to her more successful classmate. She, along with her friends, begins to humiliate and blackmail the debtor. Desperate girl on the Internet finds a strange site. According to the information posted on its pages, you can enter here the name of your abuser, and soon he will go straight to hell. But what price do you have to pay for this?

The Elven Song

Here, blood, bio-robots, diversitygenres and lightning-fast change of events. To elves this film has not the slightest relation. But here there are moments associated with dismemberment, so children should be protected from viewing. Anime-horror, the list of the most terrible of them, this film completes.

The best horror-series

Those who want to tickle the nerves with the help of hand-drawn horror films probably know how diverse versions of ratings are put forward by connoisseurs. But those films about which there will be a speech, are available in each list.

list (anime-horror) of the most scary
List of the most terrible anime horror in the world can successfully replenish the series, which are not mentioned in the last section.

  1. "Master of Mushi". In something mystical, moments the philosophical series about the Master, able to heal the victims of the "mush", that is, the spirits. The world of spirits is shown very realistically and frighteningly, since their practically vegetative life is radically different from human.
  2. "Ayasaki: terrible samurai stories." A classic 11-episode film about ancient Japanese horror stories with the accompaniment of national rap. Folklore subjects and stylization for folk Japanese frescoes favorably distinguish the series from other similar products.
  3. "Claymore". A very hard series about girls who save the ancient world from monsters, eventually sacrificing themselves.
  4. "100 stories." In another way this series is called "Requiem from the Darkness". The writer meets scammers-demonobortsev, falls in love with the girl-spirit and gets into a lot of different stories. In the 22-episode film there is a share of humor, which gives it an extra charm.
  5. "Death note". The masterpiece anime begins, with the death god losing a notebook with a list of potential dead. And found this valuable document, a young man who decides to independently carry out justice. But people are so different from the gods that they are subject to ambition and temptations. Soon the pride of a guy takes precedence over prudence ...
  6. Helsing. In the series, we will talk about the same-name enterprise engaged in catching vampires and other evil spirits. Founded by its legendary Abraham Van Helsing, and the organization is headed by his granddaughter. Around this topic, the storyline is basically twisted, but you can endlessly review the film.

Thus, we found out which series are worth watching in the anime-horror category. List of the most terrible animated tapes can be supplemented with a multi-series film "Tokyoghoul. " The action takes place in the future, where the ordinary guy is transplanted by the organs of a creature eating people. Reviews about this anime are pleasing, accordingly, it's worth watching the fans tickle their nerves.

Full-length horror

There is one more category of films in the anime ratings (horror). List of the most terrible full-length films if not headed, then harmoniously supplemented.

top 10 most terrible anime horror
It is worth looking at the following pictures:

  • "Spirited Away": a fairy tale based on the story of the family moving to a new house, and suddenly falling captive to an evil sorceress; the film is designed for children's age group.
  • "In the forest of flicker of fireflies": about human friendship and yokaya; mystical drama will appeal to children and adolescents.
  • "Blood: the last vampire": this anime is full of mysticism, bloody scenes, creepy pictures and a painful atmosphere.
  • "Dee is a vampire hunter": an animated film, shot at the end of the last century, tells of a world of the future, where the bloodthirsty vampires will be the masters.

Perhaps this should be limited to the list of anime (horror). The list of the scariest films, regardless of any ratings, can be supplemented indefinitely, guided by one's own taste.

Why anime? Or reflections on the topic

Finally, let us ask ourselves: why anime is singled out as a special category of film production, and do not even consider cartoons? In fact, the answer is obvious. What do we mean by the phrase "children's cartoon"? It means simple, elementary, with an accessible meaning. Of course, anime does not fall under this definition. Animation films are often full of deep meaning, philosophical overtones, ambiguous. It's only in the Soviet and, in part, in the Disney's multitudes, everything is divided into good and evil, and to think about anything is not required, everything has already been thought out for the viewer.

 (anime-horror) list of the most scary movies
The next distinctive aspect is the methoddrawing images. In Japanese it is characteristic and easily distinguishable from others. The huge "mirrors of the soul" are just needed to reflect the inner, spiritual essence of the hero. And if the character conceived to do evil, then the eyes become small and inexpressive.

Endings in anime almost always leave room forthinking, thinking, even if it is a film intended for a children's audience. In this regard, some anime, created by the world-famous studio "Gibli", in the sense of growing up a child can give a lot more template cartoons.

The only thing to care for parents is the right selection of content. It must be remembered that in some moments the Japanese culture is radically different from what we are accustomed to.

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