Documentary and feature films about mental disorders and psychiatric hospitals

Movies about mental disorders darechoose not to view every viewer, but well-known directors for decades exploit this gloomy theme. Crazy people year after year become heroes of dramas, thrillers, fantasy films and even comedies. The action can take place both in the mental hospital and outside it. So, what "insane" and at the same time fascinating paintings will help brighten up the evening?

Movies about mental disorders: classic

Stories about crazy people interesteddirectors almost a century ago. It is not surprising that such an old film project as "Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", which was published in 1931, remains relevant. Calling the most fascinating films about mental disorders, we can not fail to mention this story, the main character of which was the inhabitant of Victorian London. Professor Henry Jekyll gives the impression of a respectable citizen. However, there lives another personality, with which it is better not to meet others. By the way, the game of Frederick March, who embodied the image of Jekyll, was marked "Oscar".

movies about mental disorders

Movies about mental disorders in theirtoday's form would not have existed without such a picture as "Psycho", presented to the audience in 1960. The young thief Marion is trying to hide in a small town, with her holding a large sum of money, "borrowed" from other people. The trip proves tedious, the heroine decides to spend the night in a motel. The owner Norman Bates seems to her a nice guy, but the first impression, as often happens, turns out to be deceptive.

"The Island of the Damned" (2009)

A sensational film project, the star of which wasactor Leonardo di Caprio, also can not be overlooked, listing action-packed films about mental disorders. The central characters in the story are federal marshals, who are on duty in a psychiatric hospital built on a rocky island. The task before them is the search for the missing patient.

movies about psychiatric hospital

Investigating, heroes facevarious obstacles, the main of which is a hurricane. Weather troubles practically cut them off from the outside world, it is impossible to leave the island. Secrets that DiCaprio's character learns in the course of an operation are scared more and more. The denouement of history can impress impressionable spectators to the core of the soul.

Film projects of the 70-90s

Spectators who like to watch pictures,shot in the last century, can pay attention to the relatively old films about the mental hospital. You can start with the fascinating thriller "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", released in 1975. The main role in this tape went to the unsurpassed Jack Nicholson. The director invites viewers to plunge into the world of the psychiatric hospital, the inhabitant of which is the central character. The hero is not crazy at all, he just wants to get rid of the time that threatens him for robbery. The first days of his stay in the hospital are fun, becoming an informal leader of the crazy, he ignores the orders of the staff. However, the payoff will not keep you waiting.

horrors about the mental hospital

Looking over successful movies about mental hospitals, you can notnot to mention the tape "Resurrection of Cain," who saw the light in 1992. The psychiatrist conducts forbidden by law studies, guinea pigs for him are kidnapped children. Do not escape this fate, and the son of Professor Cain, whose experiments led to a split personality. A young man easily assumes the appearance of other people, forcing others to believe him.

The Dark Stream (2012)

People who want to be scared,It is necessary to stop the choice on qualitative horror. The "Dark Stream" tape, which was released in 2012, perfectly suits. The plot at first glance may seem banal, but the spectators are waiting for unexpected turns of events.

The action takes place in an abandonedpsychiatric hospital, which for many years has not been used for its intended purpose. A terrible story is connected with this place, but this does not stop the members of the crew. The clinic seems to be an excellent place for them to remove the horror film without unnecessary expenses. What will end the risky event? It's only those who will see the "Dark Stream" through to the end. The film project is attractive with an unpredictable ending.

The most terrible stories

Horror about the mental hospital will be liked mostfearless viewers. "Chamber" - a movie that saw the light in 2010. The main character is an ordinary girl Kristen, who at first glance turned out to be locked in a psychiatric hospital. The clinic has terrible things, its inhabitants are prevented from resting at night frightening sounds. In addition, one by one the patients disappear. The ending of this story makes a strong impression.

dark stream

In this category, as the qualitative horrors aboutpsychiatric hospital, it is worth making and the film project "Gothic", submitted to the audience in 2003. The main character is played by the wonderful actress Halle Berry. Her character is a female psychiatrist who turns an unexplained incident into a patient of her own hospital. The reason is the suspicion of a brutal murder. The situation is complicated by the fact that the heroine is not able to remember anything about this matter.

The plot is taken from life

Many films about schizophrenics are based onreal events. Among these tapes is "Sybil". The story begins with the fact that the main character comes to the psychiatrist's examination. During the conversation, the expert learns that the girl suffers from a memory failure. As a result, it turns out that 16 personalities coexist in it. Each of them has its own nationality and age, has a special character. The prototype of Sybil was Shirley Mason, who was the victim of abuse by her mother.

films about split personality

"Mind Games" is history, the main actingwhose face becomes the brilliant mathematician Nash. John lives only in science, at an early age, achieves significant success. His life changes when he finds a representative of the CIA and invites him to become a secret member of this organization. The prototype of the protagonist was Nobel laureate Nash, who really suffered from schizophrenia.

"Veronica decides to die" (2009)

A girl who is only 30 years old, suddenlydiscovers that her life is empty and boring. The work is boring, it's not possible to create a family, there are no goals and only old age is ahead. After considering all this, Veronica takes a radical decision - to commit suicide. She carries out the plan, attempting poisoning.

documentaries about mental disorders

The girl is saved, but she has to becomepatient of a psychiatric hospital. In addition, the main character learns that she has only a few days left to live, since the medicine taken in large quantities has had a negative effect on the work of the heart. Suddenly, Veronica realizes that she does not want to die at all. Help her to realize this other inhabitants of the mental hospital.

What else to see

Good films about a split personality are capable ofKeep the audience in suspense until the end of the viewing. For example, you can see the picture "Identification", the central character of which is accused of several crimes. The main difficulty is that the hero suffers from a split personality. In it, several people differ from each other, who alternately take the upper hand.

movies about schizophrenics

Remembering films about a split personality,It is impossible to lose sight of the "Fight Club", one of the main roles in which played Brad Pitt. The central character is a shy person working in an automobile company. The hero is troubled by insomnia, the feeling of anxiety does not leave him in the daytime either. Suddenly a friend appears in his life, who seems to be his complete opposite.

Another fascinating thriller affecting this topic is The Secret Window, in which Johnny Depp starred. The character of the actor is a famous writer who gradually loses his mind.

Cognitive projects

Documentary films about mentaldisorders are shown to the most curious viewers who want to know what secrets hide the clinics for the mentally ill in fact. An example of such a picture is "Beyond the Soul". The audience of the film learns all about schizophrenia, down to the origin of the term. The audience will get acquainted with the causes of the disease, learn the mechanisms of its development. Information is submitted in a simple form, the creators of the picture are not carried away by complex terms.

"Psychiatric hospital. Days and Nights "is a documentary project for those who are interested in the life of patients of a closed clinic. Filming is conducted in the hospital, the inhabitants of which are dangerous criminals who have been convicted of serious crimes.

So look the most fascinating movies about mental disorders.

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