Kostya Grim: biography and personal life

Kostya Grim is a famous person in Russianshow business. Do you want to know where he was born? Why did the Grim Brothers split up? Are you interested in the family situation of Constantine? Then we recommend reading the article from the beginning to the end.

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Kostya Grim: biography, childhood

June 6, 1981 in Samara, the twin brothers Burdaevs were born. Kostya is younger than Bori for 15 minutes. Their parents are ordinary people who do not have music education.

Despite the external similarity, the brothers haddifferent tempers. Borya was a real bully and a fidget. Kostik was a modest and quiet child. The twin brothers often fought over toys and clothes. Mother put a lot of effort to calm and reconcile.

The only thing that united Kostya and Borya waslove for music. They liked to listen to tracks from different directions - from disco to heavy rock. Often the brothers arranged home concerts, presenting themselves as famous performers.

At the age of eight Kostik and Borya began attending a music school where they studied piano and guitar.

The beginning of creative activity

In 1998, our hero with his twin brothercreated the group "Magelan". After some time, the project received a different name - "The Brothers Grim". The first concert was given by children in the Samara medical-technical lyceum. The local audience took their performance perfectly.

In 2001 the brothers Burdaevs went to Moscow. They presented their project Bossanova Band to the capital's listeners. Together with them appeared Katya Pletneva, who later became Boris's wife.

In the spring of 2005 the group "Brothers Grim" took itsa niche in Russian show business. And it all began with secrets. During the month the largest radio stations were playing the single "The Second Half". The name of the collective was not specially named. This further heated people's interest.

And in the spring of 2005, the red twin brothers were represented at the Stas Namin Theater. Then they performed at the MAXIDROM festival.

Kostya makeup of the song

The first video of the band "Brothers Grim" was shot oncomposition "Eyelashes". The debut album appeared on sale in June 2005. The entire circulation of the fans bought out in 2-3 weeks. The brothers did not expect such success.

In 2006, the audience was representedthe second album is "Illusion". The author of the texts was Kostya Grim. The songs "Amsterdam", "Bee" and "Breath" did not make a special impression on the public. The album was a failure. But the brothers were not going to give up. They changed the sound producer.

The third record ("Martians") is the fruit of their collaboration with Vitali Telezin. In the rotation of Russian radio stations there were such tracks as "Morning", "Season" and "Summer".

Continuation of career

In March 2009 the group "Brothers Grim" ceased to exist. This news Boris learned from the Internet. He did not begin to clarify his relationship with his brother, but simply collected his things and left for Samara.

From August 2009 to March 2010. Constantine appeared with a new composition. The name of the group he reduced - it turned out just "Grim". By this time, a lot of musical material has accumulated. However, the project was not as successful as Kostya Grim had hoped. The clip "Laos" was viewed by thousands of people. However, it can not be called a masterpiece.

Kostya Makeup Clip Laos

In March 2010, Konstantin Burdaev returnedthe former name of the group. In the updated line-up, the 4th album "Wings of Titan" was recorded. That's not all. In 2015 the band released two records. They are called "Zombies" and "Most Favorite Music".

As for Boris Burdaev, he returned to the stage in 2011. At various times he acted as a member of such groups as Octopus Maiden, Ufology and Lirrika.

Personal life

In the late 1990s, Constantine metcharming girl Olesya Khudyakova. She came to Samara to build a career as a radio presenter. At it all turned out. Beauty took the pseudonym of Lesya Krig. In a short time she managed to become a well-known radio host.

For four years, Lesia and Constantine weregood friends. He had a girlfriend, and she had a young man. And when both pairs broke up, our hero looked at Olesya differently. He surrounded her with care and attention. As a result, the guy and the girl started dating, and after a couple of months they already lived under the same roof.

Kostya make-up and his wife

In 2004, lovers officially formalizedrelations. Kostya Grim and his wife were building grandiose plans for a joint future. But our hero and his twin brother had to leave urgently for Moscow. They started developing their musical career. Why did not he take with him the beloved Kostya Grim? Wife not immediately decided to quit a successful career on the radio. She had been trying to get this done for so long. And yet the girl found the strength to move to Moscow.


At some point Lesya had problems withheart. His wife Kostya often overcalled the pulse. She did not hurry to go to the doctors. On December 16, 2010, the girl was seriously taken to the hospital. Sklifosovsky. On that day, Leslie Krieg died of heart failure. She was only 30 years old.

New love

Constantine seriously experienced the death of the first wife. He often looked at photos on which Lesia was healthy and beautiful. The musician did not want to believe that she would no longer hug and kiss him.

However, life does not stand still. At the end of 2011, Constantine on business went to the law firm. There he met one of the co-workers - a slender brunette Tamara Belotelova. She is younger than a musician for 8 years. The girl immediately liked him. Our hero invited her to a date. After that, they began a romantic relationship. After 2 months, Tamara moved to an apartment with her lover.


In September 2012, the printed Russian mediareported that Kostya Grim married the second time. And it turned out to be true. First, the couple signed in one of the capital's registry offices. Then, together with numerous guests, they went to celebrate the wedding in an elite restaurant, where the spouses were waited with funny contests, touching congratulations and refined dishes. This day lovers will remember for life.

Kostya make-up married for the second time

The funny thing is that Tamara's mother until the lastThe moment did not know what her famous son-in-law was. The woman immediately found a common language with him. Mother Bones also liked my daughter-in-law. But the twin brother of Boris at the wedding was not for certain reasons.

After the celebration, the newlyweds went on a honeymoon to France. Konstantin and Tamara sunbathed on the beach, inspected local attractions and photographed a lot.

Kostya make-up wife

Spouses live in a lawful marriage for 4 years already. During this time, they never quarreled and did not utter such a big word as a divorce. Kostya and Tom are confident that they are created for each other. In their relationship, love and mutual understanding reign. The only thing Burdaev lacks for complete happiness is the common children. Spouses hope that in their family soon replenishment will occur.

Relationship with brother

After the departure of Boris from the group, they hardly talk with Kostya. Can only say hello at a meeting. Even the closest person, the mother, can not reconcile the brothers.

Kostya makeup biography

Perhaps the whole point is that they are similar to each otherfriend externally, but different inside. What does this mean? They have different ideas about music, love and life. For example, Kostya Grim is an exemplary family man. And Borya, being married, did not feel himself to be a happy person. Therefore divorced.

In 2009, Boris Burdaev confessed tonon-traditional sexual orientation. After that he "started all the hard." The former soloist of the band "Brothers Grim" often changed his sexual partners. Serious relations no longer interested him.

In October 2016 it became known thatBorya wants to change the floor. Kostya Grim does not comment on this news. He was already used to his brother's whims. But the mother probably will worry because her son will become a woman.


Now you know that Kostya Grim (Burdaev)is the complete opposite of his twin brother. Our hero has always sought to create a family and the birth of children. Bori has completely different values. He likes to lead an idle life, not to be responsible for anyone. We wish Konstantin Burdayev the creative prosperity and happiness in the family!

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