L.M. Leonov - "The Golden Carriage": a summary of the chapters

Famous Russian and Soviet writer LeonidLeonov left a significant mark in the literature. Many of his works are highly appreciated by critics and loved by readers. One of them is the play "The Golden Carriage". The summary of this dramatic work is given in this article. On it you can understand what this author was and whether it is worth reading his other books.

History of the creation of the play

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Leonid Leonov's play "The Golden Carriage", shortthe content of which is in the proposed material - one of the most significant of his dramatic works. It is noteworthy that it reached us in three editions.

The first was written in 1946, right afterthe end of the Great Patriotic War. Then the author rethought a lot and presented the second version to the public in 1955. Shortly thereafter, her premiere took place on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Successfully staged in other stages of Soviet cities, foreign theater directors also drew attention to it. In particular, in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania. The final version of his work Leonov introduced in 1967. He is published in all modern editions of the anthology of this author.

Writer Leonid Leonov

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Leonid Leonov himself was born in Moscow in 1899. A significant role in Soviet literature played for almost 60 years. He is considered one of the main masters of socialist realism. Contemporary researchers noted his great interest in the issues of morality in the traditions of Christianity, as well as in the continuation of Dostoevsky's traditions in Russian literature.

The author's bibliography consists of severalnovels, which he wrote at certain intervals, often very long. His most famous major works are "Badgers", "Thief", "Sot", "Skutarevsky", "Road to the Ocean" and "Russian Forest". The last work was one of the first in Russia, which directly affected environmental problems that threaten the country and humanity in the near future.

He also owns a huge, one and a half thousandpages, the mystical-philosophical novel "Pyramid", over which he worked for about 40 years. He managed to publish it only in the year of his death - in 1994.

Dramaturgical experience

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Since the 30s, Leonov has been actively writingdramaturgical works. His plays "Untilovsk", "The Wolf, or Flight of Sandukov", "Invasion", "The Flight of Mr. McKinley" enjoyed success in theaters. The latter was even filmed in 1975 by director Mikhail Schweitzer.

And, of course, the play "The Golden Carriage". The summary, of course, will not make it possible to understand the whole essence of this work, but this will be enough to get acquainted with Leonov's work in general terms.

The first action of the play

Events of the play "The Golden Carriage", shortthe content of the actions is presented below, unfolding in the frontline town, just a few months after the end of the Great Patriotic War. In the courtyard of 1945. The Soviet Union defeated fascism, but the joy that overwhelmed everyone in the early days subsided. It was replaced by an awareness of the consequences and destruction that the war left.

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The play begins at the hotel, whichis located in the former monastery. New arrivals arrive in it - academician-geologist Kareyev and his own son Julius. The innkeeper, Nepryakhin, spends them in the room, but he does not like the guests. It only remains to be justified that after the war almost all the housing stock is in this condition.

Kareyev realizes that the voice and appearance of Nepryakhin to himseem familiar. It turns out that they are old friends. Many years ago, Karev left this town, having left for the Pamir. Both friends begin to remember their whole lives.

While Kareyev talks about his first love, inroom appears Colonel Berezkin, who offers a drink. Starting with the first edition of the play "The Golden Carriage", the summary of which is given in this article, this person was one of the key characters. In this city the front-line soldier lost his family, but he returned to him later to punish the coward-captain who served under his command.

At the end of the evening Marika comes to visit them - the daughter of the first beloved Kareev. She fascinates Julia with her beauty.

Second action

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The second action of Leonov's play "The Golden Carriage", a brief summary of which is presented here, unfolds at home with the owner of the hotel Nepryakhin. He lives with his wife and blind son Timothy.

To them before a dinner comes in before dinnerTobun-Turkovskaya, who begins to gossip about Schelkanov, the same captain Berezkin is looking for. He is now the director of the factory. All around are trying to arrange his personal life, because they believe that his current wife, Kareev's former lover, is already old. Tired of gossip, Nepryakhin is expelling her.

Then the wife Shchelkanova Marya Sergeevna appears,which now presides. She brings an expensive accordion. Everyone understands that this is a gift, so that Timothy backs away from her daughter. Before the war, they were considered a pair, and now nobody needs a blind harmonizer. The family refuses the gift, and Timothy declares that he will leave the city.

The next guest is Colonel Berezkin,who gives the chairman a letter from her husband, in which he explains his love for their common neighbor and asks him to get a clue about his transfer to the rear. This letter he had at the front. Then the whole essence of Schelkanov was clarified.

The presiding judge already knew that her husband was cheating on her,but now it turned out that he was also a coward. Berezkin wants the family to hate Shchelkanov. His wife has long been disappointed, but her daughter only now finds out what kind of person he really is.

Third action

The third act of L.'s play Leonova "The Golden Carriage", the summary of which is before you, moves to the office of the chairman. To her comes Tobun-Turkovskaya, which sets out her problem: her ward Fimochka is going to get married, and the groom lives in the apartment of his wife and does not have his own apartment. Therefore, she asks to evict Nepryakhins and settle them in their place young.

Before the chairman comes, it is about herhusband. She calls her husband and asks her to disappear forever from her life. Kareev appears, who talks about his successes, and then Marka with his son. Kareyev's name is the girl at the sea, she almost agrees. They part ways, giving a promise to come to the birthday of Markina.

The fourth, final action

The final action of the play "The Golden Carriage",the brief content of which is set forth here, is unfolded on the name day of the daughter of the chairman. All the guests came, not only her mother, who is busy in the city council.

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At this time, Nepryakhin's wife persuades Marka not to miss his chance, his prince in a golden coach, referring to Julia. However, Marya, in the end, refusestrips to the sea. She decides to sacrifice herself for the love of such a person as Timothy. However, Julia calls her again, and she suddenly changes her mind, considering that it's time to see the world. She rushes behind Julia, asking the mother to explain to Timothy that she is not guilty of anything.

The play ends with the chairperson ceremoniously raising a glass of champagne after her daughter.

The idea of ​​the play

So, we got acquainted with the short content. In Leonov's "The Golden Carriage" the main idea is the problem of choice that faces every person. And also that the actions of the past affect our present.

Most of the play is devoted to the concept"self-sacrifice." All the main characters of the work do not live for themselves, but for the sake of their loved ones. In one version of the play, Marka remained with her blind bridegroom.

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