Jack Nicholson is an inimitable Hollywood actor. Filmography and biography of the actor

jack nicholson

Famous American actor, producer, directorJack Nicholson for several decades is the object of attention of journalists of many popular publications. The press was always interested not only in the work of the famous actor, but also in the details of his personal life.


Jack Nicholson was born in a smallAmerican town of Neptune. Irish, Dutch and Italian blood flows in his veins. The child was brought up by my grandparents. His mother, June Francis, left him in the care of her parents to continue her career as a dancer. Father never saw a child.

For a long time Jack considered his grandfather and grandmother their parents, and only in 1974 he found out who they really belong to him. He considered his mother as a child to be his sister.

Star Trek

After graduating from school, Jack Nicholson, a young man still,immediately got a job. MGM Studio is the first place where Jack Nicholson got to. The young man immediately got on acting courses. He gladly immersed himself in studies. Jack Nicholson, whose height was 177 centimeters, had an interesting, memorable appearance, put great hopes in the profession.

jack nicholson

The debut work of a novice actor became a thriller"The Terror" (1963). This work went absolutely unnoticed. Jack began to gravitate more and more toward directing and writing scripts. However, this was a difficult period. Jack Nicholson, whose filmography began to expand rapidly, neither as an actor ("The Shop of Horrors", "Killer Placer", "Fear", "Raven"), nor as a screenwriter ("Flight into Fury", "Thunder Island") did not cause interest in the public and was not successful. He remained an ordinary actor, of whom there are thousands in Hollywood.

Only in 1969, Jack Nicholson, biographywhich is closely connected with the cinema, experienced the first rays of glory. This happened after the release of the film "Easy Rider". Nicholson played the role of a young lawyer who refused boredom and monotony of everyday life for the sake of "careless riders" crossing America in search of drug freedom. This role not only brought the actor fame, but was nominated for the most prestigious film awards - Golden Globe and Oscar. Jack Nicholson exactly one year later repeated the success. This time it was the film "Five Easy Pieces". Jack was nominated for these honorary awards as the best actor.

Treasured figurine

Jack Nicholson, whose biography is inextricably linkedassociated with the cinema, has steadily moved towards world fame and great recognition. And finally, the day came when his work was marked at the highest level. This significant event occurred after the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975). In this picture, the actor achieved the highest skill. Three years passed and he deservedly received another statuette. This time, the highest award was awarded to the best male role in the film "Words of tenderness". Nicholson was not going to stop there and in 1997 he deservedly took the third statuette for his brilliant work in the film "It Happens Better".

The listed paintings, which were so highevaluation, are genuine film masterpieces. However, it should be noted that this is a unique actor - Jack Nicholson. His filmography, numbering more than seventy ribbons, is filled with no less interesting and beautifully performed roles.

"Shining" (1980)

jack nicholson biography

This is one of the best world horror films shotStanley Kubrick on the famous novel by Stephen King. Released in the movie the picture received mixed reviews, including from the author of the novel. He believed that the image created by Nicholson is very different from the literary one. However, from this image, created by Nicholson, did not become less vivid and memorable. For many years he became the "calling card" of the actor.

Jack Nicholson died

All the famous actors are covered with rumors and gossip. When there was talk that the actor was dead, it turned out that this is inverted information. One of the admirers of his talent asked how many times Jack died in his films. As it turned out, it happened nine times.

Jack Nicholson and his women

It should be noted that the actor was never deprivedfemale attention. His beloved were the most beautiful models and actresses in the world. In the official marriage, meanwhile, only once Jack Nicholson joined. The wife of the famous heartthrob is Sandra Knight, who gave birth to Jack's daughter Jennifer. The marriage lasted five years, and in 1968 the couple broke up. Since then, Nicholson never officially created a family. All his further relations with women were limited to cohabitation.

He was associated with a romantic relationship with the worldfamous Hollywood stars - Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer. The longest relationship with the actor was with Angelica Huston - a seventeen-year civil marriage.

In addition to her daughter Jennifer, Jack also has four children from different women - Hanni Holman, Caleb Goddart, Raymond and Lorraine Nicholson.

jack nicholson wife


This person has close friends, as expected,Little. One of them is Roman Polanski, whom he supported in the most difficult life situations. This was when Roman's wife Sharon Tate died tragically, and when Polanski was charged with raping a child.

In the neighborhood with Nicholson some time livedMarlon Brando. They were very friendly. After Brando's death, Jack bought his house to demolish it. He motivated his action by the fact that the building is abandoned and has nothing to do with the heritage and personality of Brando.


Jack Nicholson, whose filmography is impressiveevery movie fan, is a passionate fan and basketball fan. He's a very active fan. He was often noticed in the clarification of relations with the judges, who, in his opinion, "zasuzhivali" favorite team.

The most striking works

Outstanding American actor Jack Nicholsonstarred in a lot of great films, each of which is worthy of a separate article. Today we will introduce you to the most outstanding works of the master.

jack nicholson growth

"Chinatown" (1974), detective, drama

Private detective Gittes, who specializes inon spying on unfaithful spouses, deceived by a woman who impersonates the wife of the chief of city water supply. The plot of the film is very tense, including murder, political machinations, incest. He accurately conveys the atmosphere of Los Angeles - clothes, cars, buildings. Very interesting is the color of the image. None of the scenes occur in the Chinatown - it's more like a metaphor. The film received an Oscar in 1974 and in the same year the Golden Globe Award, the BAFTA award.

"South!" (1978), a comedy

Great Western. Jack Nicholson played the role of the criminal Lloyd Moon, escaping the gallows by marrying the old maiden Julia.

"Shine" (1980), a horror film

The film is based on the famous novel of the great StephenKing's. The action takes place in a snow-covered, empty, cut off from the whole world, an abandoned hotel in the mountains of Colorado. Its owners are husband and wife, bringing up a teenage son. But apart from them, ghosts of the past live in the hotel. The writer Jack Torrens slowly goes mad and turns into an intermediary of the devil. He is ready to kill his son and wife, as the last hindrance on the way to creativity ...

"Border" (1982), a criminal film

Charlie Smith, a policeman from Texas, guardsborder between Mexico and the United States. Every day, many Mexicans in search of work cross the border. American policemen make money on this. Having exposed the criminal collusion of the American police and the Mexican mafia, the hero of the film begins a real war with them ...

"The language of tenderness" (1983), comedy, melodrama

jack nicholson best movies

Retired astronaut Garret Breedlaw, who islife passed in spare, and now left on rest, and the aging widow Aurora Greenaway shock a small provincial town. Gentle words meant for two turn out to be the most difficult ...

"The Wolf" (1994), a horror film

The editor-in-chief of a major publication was exhausted fromovercoming his problems. This is work where he is caught up by a younger and more promising competitor, and his private life - his wife cheats on him with this competitor. To top it all off, the wolf bites him, and Will begins to turn into an eerie monster ...

"The guard at the crossroads" (1995), drama

Daughter Freddie died in a car accident,the culprit is a drunk driver. The offender is aware of his guilt and is sent to prison. Meanwhile, the girl's father decides to kill the killer on his own ...

"Blood and wine" (1996), drama, thriller

At the shopkeeper Alex business goes to bankruptcy. To save his business, he decides to steal a very expensive necklace from the safe of one of the customers. His accomplices should be a mistress and a familiar burglar ...

"Mars Attacks" (1996), comedy, science fiction

On May 9, livestock of Kentucky coversunexplained panic. It turns out that this is due to the alleged invasion of the Martians. The next morning, spacecraft gather in the sky, which is immediately reported to the President of the United States. After three days, the aliens landed on our Earth, where they prepare a solemn meeting. But the Martians did not come with a peaceful visit - they want to conquer the Earth. How to defeat the evil Martians knows only the inconspicuous donut seller and his crazy grandmother ...

"It can not be better" (1997), comedy, melodrama

An eccentric writer starts a small andcute room dog. The animal is so charming and so needs a special attitude, requires care and attention, that gradually a sullen and unsociable man begins to change. These changes have the most beneficial effect on his relationship with people and his personal life ... In 1997, the picture won an Oscar

"Promise" (2001), a criminal film, mysticism

Experienced detective Jerry Black honestly worked inpolice and is now going to go on vacation, but the brutal murder and rape of a little girl forces an experienced policeman to begin an investigation, at least six hours, which separate him from the long-awaited pension. He rejects the candidacy of the "ideal killer", which is quickly found by local police. The crazy Indian recidivist said the confession to the video camera, but Jerry realizes that it is necessary to continue the investigation ...

"About Schmidt" (2002), melodrama, comedy

An elderly resident of Omaha, Warren Schmidt, whoworked in an insurance company, retired, buried his wife and began to think about his life. His daughter lives in Denver and hardly ever talks to her father. In addition, she is going to create a family with a man who is unpleasant to the father. The old man goes through the whole country to upset the wedding ... The film was awarded the Golden Globe Award.

"Love by the rules ... and without" (2003), comedy, melodrama

The owner of the famous recording studio Harry,who is already 63 years old, likes to communicate with young girls. His next passion is also young and pretty. Having arrived with the young lady in the country house of her mother and trying to make love to her, he gets a heart attack. The local doctor forbids the elderly ladies' man to return to the city, and he has nothing left to do but stay at a friend's house ... Golden Globe Award.

"Management of anger" (2003), comedy

For the debauch, which he seemed to arrange on boardairliner, a modest and shy Dave Baznik is under investigation. The judge pronounces a verdict according to which Dave must attend anger management courses. But, as it turned out, leading their famous doctor Buddy Rydell - himself a real psycho ...

"The Departed" (2006), thriller, drama

Oscar Jack Nicholson
A graduate of the Billy Costigan Police Schoolis being introduced into a gangster group led by Frank Costello. The gang leader has his own man in the police, so all attempts to seize the bandits are always unsuccessful - they easily escape from the raids ...

"Not yet played in the box" (2007), comedy, adventure

Edward Cole - multimillionaire, Carter Chambers -Auto Mechanic. They are united by a terrible disease - the last stage of cancer. They decided before their death to fulfill their old dream. Comrades in misfortune run away from the hospital and go on a round-the-world trip ...

"How to know ..." (2010), melodrama, comedy

Almost all the girls are making plans for their lives -meet a beautiful young man, start a family, have a baby, but Lisa is not entirely sure that such a life suits her. More recently, she has two fans - athlete Manny and hard worker George. Which of them should I choose?

Today the hero of our article was Jack Nicholson. The best films with his participation will forever remain the classics of world cinema.

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