Poem A.T. Tvardovsky's "Vasily Terkin." The image of Vasily Terkin

Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky - the most famousSoviet writer, journalist and poet. The image of Vasily Terkin, created by him in the most difficult years for our country, is familiar to everyone from childhood. A brave, cheerful and resourceful soldier still retains its appeal today. Therefore it was the Tvardovsky poem and its main character that became the topic of this article.

Vasya Terkin and "The Book of the Fighter"

A hero named Vasya Terkin was created beforeGreat Patriotic War, a team of journalists, one of which was Tvardovsky. The character was an invincible fighter, fortunate and strong, somewhat reminiscent of the epic hero.

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In the Finnish war, a journalist, who wasTvardovsky, the image of Vasily Terkin suggests the idea of ​​creating a full-fledged work in verse. Returning, the writer begins work and expects to complete the book as early as 1941 and call it "The Book of the Fighter". However, the new war mixed plans, Tvardovsky goes to the front. In the difficult first months, he simply does not have time to think about the work, together with the army he retreats, leaves the environment.

Creating an image of the main character

In 1942, the writer returns to his dreampoem. But now her hero is fighting not at the past, but in the current war. The very image of Vasily Terkin in the poem also changes. Before that, he was a jovial and jokey Vasya, now this is a completely different person. The fate of other people, the outcome of the war, depends on him. June 22, 1942 Tvardovsky announces the new name of the future poem - "Vasily Terkin."

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The work was written during the war, practicallyin parallel with it. The poet was able to quickly reflect front-line changes and preserve the artistry and beauty of the language. The chapters of the poem were printed in the newspaper, and the soldiers eagerly awaited a new release. The success of the work is explained by the fact that Vasily Terkin is an image of a Russian soldier, that is, a collective soldier, which means he is close to each soldier. Therefore, this character was so inspiring and encouraging, gave strength to fight.

Theme of the poem

The main theme of Tvardovsky's poem is the life of people onfront. As cheerfully and cheerfully, with humor and irony, neither the writer described the events and heroes, he at the same time did not let forget that the war was a tragic and severe test. And the image of Vasily Turkin helps to open this idea.

The poet describes both the joy of victory and bitternessretreat, soldier's life, death, fear, everything that fell to the lot of the people. And these tests were held by people for the sake of one: "A mortal battle is not for glory, for life on earth!"

Vasily Terkin the image of a Russian soldier

But Tvardovsky does not only see problemsGreat Patriotic War, he talks about the war in general. Raises philosophical questions about life and death, peaceful life and battles. Through the prism of the main human values, the writer is looking at the war.

Symbolism in the name of the main character

Noteworthy from the point of view of symbolism is the imageVasily Terkin. The composition devoted to this hero can be started just from this, and then go to the detailed characterization of the hero, which will be presented in detail below. So, as noted above, the hero of Tvardovsky has changed dramatically, he is no longer the joker Vasya. His place is a real fighter, a Russian soldier with his biography. He participated in the Finnish campaign, then returned to the army in 1941, retreated, got surrounded, then along with the whole army goes on the offensive and ends the road in Germany.

The image of Vasily Terkin is multifaceted,symbolic, embodies the people, the Russian type of man. It is no accident that the poem does not contain a single reference to his family or personal relationships. He is described as a civilian, forced to become a soldier. Before the war, Vasily lived on the collective farm. Therefore, he perceives war as an ordinary civilian: for him it is unimaginable grief, akin to a natural disaster. He lives a dream of a peaceful life. That is, Tvardovsky creates in Terkin a type of ordinary peasant.

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The hero's talking name - Terkin, that is, grated by life, experienced man, in the poem about him says: "Life is grated."

The image of Vasily Terkin

Often the image of Vasily Terkin becomes the theme of creative works. The composition about this character should be supplemented with a little help about the creation of the poem.

The scattered composition of the work into one wholeunites the main character, participant of all described events - Vasily Ivanovich Terkin. He himself is from Smolensk peasants. Kindhearted, simple in communication, trying to maintain morale, which often tells soldiers funny stories from his military life.

From the first days on the front, Terkin was wounded. But his fate, the fate of a simple man who was able to endure all the adversities of the war, personifies the strength of the Russian people, the will of her spirit and the thirst for life. The most important thing in the image of Terkin is that he does not stand out, he is neither smarter, nor stronger, nor more talented than others, he, like everyone: "Just a guy himself / He's an ordinary ... A guy like that / There is always a guy in every company" .

However, this ordinary person is endowed with suchqualities like courage, courage, simplicity, sense of humor. This Tvardovsky emphasizes that all these qualities are inherent in all Russian people. And that is the reason for our victory over the ruthless enemy.

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But Terkin is not only a seasoned soldier, he is also a craftsman, a jack of all trades. Despite the severity of wartime, he repairs the clock, sharpens the saw, and in between battles plays the accordion.

To emphasize the collectivity of the image, Tvardovsky allows the hero to speak about himself in the plural.

Talking with Turkin and Death is noteworthy. The soldier lies wounded, ends his life, and behind him is Bony. But the hero agrees to leave with her, only if she gives him a respite for one day so that he can "hear the salute victorious." Then Death is surprised at this dedication and retreats.


So, the image of Vasily Terkin - collectiveimage, designed to emphasize the heroism and courage of the Russian people. However, in this hero there are also individual traits: dexterity, wit, wit, the ability not to lose heart even in the face of death.

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