Igor Sandler. Musician

Igor Sandler is a famous Russian musician andproducer. He began his creative activity back in the 80s of the last century. During this time, Sandler made a great contribution to the development of culture and art. Do you want to know more about this musician, his work and life's way? Carefully read this article.

Igor Sandler: Biography

Igor Sandler

The future musician was born on February 7, 1956 inthe Russian city of Saratov. Igor began to be interested in music from the earliest years. Parents were happy about this and strongly supported his son in his endeavor. Thus, Sandler received music education from the age of six. He spent a year in a preparatory class, then for seven years he studied at a music school. Having finished it, Igor Sandler entered the Saratov Music College. After receiving a secondary education, the musician studied for five years at the conductor's department at the Saratov Conservatory. Igor was fond of classical music. However, he often listened to foreign bands like the Beatles, Enamils, Doors, etc.

Participation in a group

When Igor Sandler graduated from the conservatory,During the year he worked in a jazz-rock band called Seliger. In 1978 Saratov visited the group "Integral". The team needed another musician, and Boris Alibasov (the producer) noticed Igor Sandler, the great hopeer. As a result, Igor joined the group "Integral" as a keyboard player. Later the collective gained immense popularity in the vastness of the entire Soviet Union. Moreover, the group became a laureate of the famous music festival of rock music "Tbilisi-80".

Own group

Igor Borisovich Sandler

In 1982 Igor after four years of workleaves the team. The musician wants to start a solo career in order to get full creative freedom. On the basis of the Lipetsk Philharmonic, Igor B. Sandler organized his own musical team, which was named "Index-398" (Lipetsk's postal code). During 1983-1984, Sandler worked on creating a unique program, which consisted entirely of rock versions of classical music. The main goal is to introduce modern youth to the classics and to show the connection between the musical images of different eras and modern times. At the same time Igor takes part in filming. Sandler lit up in such films as "Recipe for her youth," "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta," etc.

Musical activity

Since 1985, Igor's group has started an activetour activity. The collective enjoyed great popularity. Musical compositions perfectly combined with a delightful visual series ("Index" was one of the most technically equipped groups). As a result, every performance of this group is a huge and unforgettable show. In addition, the composition of the "Index" was constantly replenished with talented musicians. Thus, in the group for two years, sang the famous performer and laureate of international music competitions Albert Asadullin.

Together with Assadullin Igor Sandler developeda new concert program called "The World of Earth", which was dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of the Victory. The program included works of such great poets as A. Voznesensky, R. Gazmatov, G. Tukai, E. Evtushenko. The last joint concert with Assadulin took place in the Central House of the Soviet Army in 1986.

Igor Sandler biography

In 1988 the group was re-enrolledtalented musician. Grigory Leps joined the band as a vocalist, and after a few years he will become a well-known solo artist. In 1989 (September 8 and 9) the collective participated in a charity festival called "Ecology, Charity, Beauty", which was held in Moscow. In 1989, Igor Sandler began collaborating with the English director and producer Barry White. Together they worked on the adaptation of the musical "The guy who dared to rock" for the Russian audience. Perfomence was dedicated to the memory of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. A full-fledged premiere of the musical was held in December of the same year. Nevertheless, this event overshadowed the terrible tragedy. On a technical basis, a fire occurred, which killed Mikhail Zhbrikunov (sound engineer) and Igor Bondarev (technician). In addition, all concert equipment burned to the ground.

Sunset "Index"

Nevertheless, on this band of failures for Igor notover. Because of the sudden death of Barry White, the return visit of the "Index" group to the UK never took place. Soon, Igor Sandler dissolves the team and leaves for England himself. There he co-operates with the musicians of the deceased producer and creates a band called Red Rock. For two years, Sandler has been touring with his new band through small concert halls and pubs in England.

Production Center

In the 90's, Igor gradually began to engage inbusiness in Russia, and his business is booming. Sandler owns valuable patents and several factories. Nevertheless, as Igor admitted, he did not get any pleasure from the business. After all, his heart belongs to music. It was for this reason that Sandler opened his own production center, thanks to which he can help talented and young musicians.

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