Mixtape: what is it, what is different from the album? How to make a mixtape in FL Studio?

Today we will talk about such a phenomenon asmixtape. What is this, we will consider in detail in this material. Music lovers are able to listen to the hit dozens of times. And all the melodies they necessarily put in their own playlists, in order to reproduce them in a certain order. To facilitate this task, professional musicians specially for their listeners came up with a new phenomenon, which will be discussed later.

A bit of history

So, our theme is mixtape. What is it, you can answer very simply. This is a sound recording that connects several music pieces on one medium at once. In other words, a collection of songs that have a common composition and a certain style of mixing. This phenomenon appeared in the 70s of the twentieth century. At that time, there was no production of 8-track magnetic tapes. For the first time this method of recording long-distance drivers was discovered. They were the first to start mixing their favorite tunes on audiocassettes. A little later, these carriers began to trade in the markets. So there was a mixtape. What did it mean in those years for music lovers? To understand this, it is worthwhile to listen to popular at that time audiocassettes: "Top-1977", "Super 73", "Country-Chart."

mixtape what is it

The musicians have another opinion aboutthe occurrence of mixtapes. It is possible that this concept arose in America among professional "black" rappers. That's why at the present time the mixing of audio recordings has become the most widespread in the direction of hip-hop.


We continue to discuss mixtape. What does this mean for rap? The main thing is to mix the tracks of completely different artists. In some cases, the compositions used are related by the same theme. Ownership of all tracks belongs to one artist. Sometimes a bit is read by different performers, although it belongs to a specific performer.

What is the difference between a mixtape from an album


It should be noted that the creation of a mixtape takeslittle time and does not require official confirmation of copyright. For such work, the producer is not required. There is no censorship here, the record is simply fitted to the radio broadcast. The artist is free to choose the musical accompaniment, he chooses the right instruments. You can, for example, use the composition of a bard, add female vocals, mix it all with the rhythmic melody of a popular rap hit.

Let's look at how a mixtape differs fromalbum. Between these two concepts the difference is obvious. To record an album, a professional musician has to work long and hard. He releases commercials, records video clips.

how to record a mixtape

In fact, the artist releases a musical release,whose rights are fully protected, all sound fragments are bought. Undoubtedly, this product has a high quality, which is distinguished by author's music. The difference is quite obvious. Creating an album, the artist pursues the goal of earning income and becoming famous.

Thus, between the concepts of mixtape and album, the difference is significant, but in both cases it is about music.


DJs and rappers work in this direction. The first are engaged in mixing different musical compositions, creating one stream. The latter become the leading ones, who read a certain text under a sounding melody. Sometimes they focus on the transition of one melody to another.

mixtape and album difference

To create rapper mixtapes, DJs are not needed. In this case, the musicians join their own tracks with strangers. They read rap, in which texts are combined. Such options can be a huge amount.

A great popularity and amateurmixtapes. They are created by ordinary musicians at home. How to record a mixtape, and what is needed for this, we'll talk further. The process is not too complicated. To create such an entry, you need to have several music tunes. Usually their quality is lower than the original mix. For recording both amateur and professional mixtape it is necessary to have a list of necessary songs, a mixture of compositions, common themes.

Works that are very famous

In this direction, severalprojects: Memorial Day Mixtape; "New Russian Rap"; "There was no sorrow." DJs after making mixtapes became very popular, for example, the composition of White Owl Drop That 31 is known to many. According to certain categories, such records become a series of mixtapes. They acquire a semi-official character.

how to make a mixtape in fl studio

What is the purpose of this work?

What does mixtape mean in the music world? To understand this, it is enough to listen to several records. Professionals produce them in large quantities, but since they do not have an official status, records are distributed only in a musical amateur environment. It is much more difficult to give an exact answer, for which mixtapes are needed. Beginners include them in their advertising presentations. For this, they give their melodies to the DJs. After mixing, a single tape is produced, which has an original design that is shown to the general public.

To create an album of author's music, you needlarge monetary investments. It is necessary to make video clips, reduce melodies and conduct mastering. You can make a mixtape without the costs described above and without restrictions. A few of his songs can be easily interrupted by an artist and quickly distributed on the Internet. Fans are engaged in creating mixtapes for a variety of reasons: for their own listening, telling about their musical preferences, demoting their talent, testing an unfamiliar program, out of interest.

How to record a mixtape yourself

It is very easy for a musician to do such a job. There are so many different programs for this. Next, we'll talk about how to make a mixtape in FL Studio. Manufacturing technology consists of several steps.


It is desirable to have a specific direction. Come up with a title, draw a cover. In a mixtape, one must include from his own works only new, not yet published works.

Selection of bits

If your own bits are not enough, you can borrow other people's tunes. On the Internet, you can find the right instrumental versions of the necessary tracks.

Sample collection

When creating a mixtape, you should always remember that this method has become very popular among professionals. Therefore, you need to use only high-quality copyright texts.

However, not everyone can like thisinterpretation. From this situation, you can go in two ways. Create your music or take advantage of the previous work, which did not appear in albums. For example, songs of famous world artists.

How to record music

In the event of difficulties in recordingyou can use the services of a professional DJ. With it, it's easier to find the right tracks. The author will only perform under them rap.


To spread his creations among thefans of rap not only on the Internet need to think through a picture that will decorate the future CD. Its appearance should attract attention with its originality and bright colors. On the cover there should not be any unnecessary details. For complete success, it must have an original picture and name.

So we discussed the notion of mixtape. What it is, you already know.

mixtape what is it

FL Studio: How to make a mixtape

First of all, we run the program. Then we load from the open sources all the necessary components, vocals, the main melody, effects. At the first stage, we set the rhythm. Next, using the function of the same name, we determine the tempo. For the accuracy of the process, you can use a metronome. Further we proceed to work with chords. In this we will help the plug-in "Newton 2" available in FL Studio. Thanks to him you can get a sample located in accordance with the notes. Then you can diversify the melody with the help of pianos and other instruments.

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