Balyko Diana: biography and books

A writer with the heart of a psychologist - so acceptedto call Diana Balyko. She is also a playwright, journalist, certified trainer of NLP, a prose writer, a motivational lecturer. On her poems several composers have already written beautiful songs. We offer you an acquaintance with this unique woman!

balyko diana

Biography of Diana Balyko

Diana was born on March 28, 1979. Her homeland is the city of Polar in the Murmansk region. Balyko is a graduate of the Belarusian State University: in 2001 she graduated from the Faculty of History. By the way, it was on the history that her literary activity began. In 2006, Diana Vladimirovna was trained in the center of NLP, located in Minsk. Later, in 2010, she graduated from the Moscow Literary Institute named after Gorky. Diana studied in absentia, in the specialty of "dramaturgy".


Diana Balyko started her work in 1998 in Minsk. Here she published a newspaper "In the Top Ten." By the way, later in the capital of Belarus she was engaged in publishing the "Alpha-Afisha". Under her leadership, it was published in 2001-2002.

In 2000, Balyko moved to New York. Here she worked in the newspaper "The New Russian Word". In addition, Diana had time to work on the radio station People Waves. In 2010, she returned to Minsk, where she began to read a course of lectures titled "The Psychology of Creativity".

diana balyko biography

Poetic Collections

The first books of Diana Balyko are collections of poems. So, in 1999 the collection "Many, many days" was published. Two years later, the fans of this poet were pleased with the book "The Windows are wide open". And after another two years Diana released a collection of "Running Line".

In 2009, there was another poetic collection - "Now, Today, Forever", and in 2012 the book "P.S. 101 poem for you. "


Balyko has 15 plays and 4 screenplays on the account. The most popular play is "White Angel with Black Wings". She was put in fifteen theaters! Among them are the Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama, the Korean Theater Korez, Vitebsk "Rodnik", "Moscow Drama Group".

Equally popular is the production of the Psychoanalyst for the Psychoanalyst. She was placed in Vitebsk, Moscow and Tomsk.

Lipetsk theater-studio "Zong" put "Pupovin" in1 action and 27 compositions by Diana Balyko. And the Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama has presented to its audience the production of "Novel + Julia: Eternal Story".

The Minsk theater agency Comedy-ART pleased the audience with the production of the play My Own Monument.

books of diana balyko

Victory in contests and festivals

Plays written by Balyko, won many times invarious festivals. Her work was noted at the annual contest of the STD of the Russian Federation, "Five Evenings", "Lyubimovka", "Free Theater", "Premiere.txt". The success was brought by participation in the Second International Theater Festival "PANORAMA", held in Minsk.

Diana Vladimirovna's screenplays alsoare marked by critics. In 2005, Balyko won the competition for the creation of a short comedy by the Belarusfilm studios, with her script "My Own Monument".

2008 was marked for Diana Balyko the second place in the competition of the Department of Cinematography of the Republic of Belarus "On the creation of a film-melodrama". She presented to the jury the script "Sculptor".

NLP doping

Despite all the publications and victories, the writer gained fame only after the release of the first book of the author's series "NLP". Diana Balyko released her in 2007. Seven more editions followed.

diana balyko life in the buzz

"40 rules for life in the buzz"

This is the name of the first book of the series"NLP doping." It will teach readers to live full life today, not postponing it until better times. Diana Balyko explains: you can indulge in gluttony, swear, be lazy, kidnap someone else's good mood and beat up those who extort your precious time. All this in order to live a life in the buzz. Diana Balyko explains: breaking the commandments and using certain techniques of neurolinguistic programming, you can achieve not only harmony, but also success.

Negotiating for success

How to convince people, to interest them, notto succumb to someone else's influence, solve complex issues and come out victorious from any situations? This Diana Balyko says in the book "Negotiations ... doomed to succeed." She teaches to defend interests in conversations with business partners, parents and children, colleagues and neighbors.

This book is not just a collection of useful rules: the information here is intertwined with instructive parables and funny stories.

Strong floor management

Specially for her readers Balyko releasedthe book "I, Man and NLP." Effective authoring techniques, collected under one cover, will allow to build relationships with representatives of the stronger sex according to their rules, will teach to understand what exactly the second half feels. In addition, the author claims: after studying this edition, women will stop making mistakes, destroying relations.

nlp diana balyko

For seducers and seducers

At first glance, neurolinguisticprogramming and intimate life are incompatible things. But Diana Balyko proves the opposite in the book "Sex begins with a head." This edition is a brilliant seduction manual, based on the most accessible and at the same time effective NLP techniques.

Education of adolescents

Parents Balyko offers the book "11 lawseffective education of a teenager. " She considers a lot of questions that concern moms and dads of children from 11 to 15 years old: what children are afraid of, why they are lazy, use drugs. The author helps to build an effective model of upbringing, to become a teenager's best friend.

Success in business

As many as five master classes under one cover offer Diana Vladimirovna to businessmen in the book "Success in business according to the laws of neurolinguistic programming".

What will this publication teach? Well, first, spend much less energy to achieve your goals, while getting much more. In addition, you can use NLP techniques much more effectively. How to train these skills? Of course, with the help of special exercises presented in the book.

Star in life

diana balyko how to become a star in life

How to become a star in life? Diana Balyko knows the answer to this question too! And the book with the same name is read easily and with pleasure. It shows the techniques of NLP, effective at 100%. This is a kind of guide in the binding, leading to success. With the help of the book, you can set incredible goals and achieve them.

Series «365 + 1»

Another unique series of books by Diana Vladimirovna is "365 + 1". The writer-psychologist published 3 books.

1. "365 + 1 rule for every day of a happy year". This book is a pocket vaulttechnician and rules. And all of them are extremely simple, but with their help you can completely turn your life: turn laziness into motivation, take life as it is.

2. «365 + 1 rule of true love ». This book is simply indispensable if you dreamfind true love, be happy in relationships and marriage, learn harmony. All the rules presented here are different: hooligan and serious, ironic and tender. But they have one thing in common - they are all effective!

3. "365 + 1 rule of life ». How to recharge the positive? Avoid routine? Become a leader and just a happy person? This is the story of Diana Balyko's book. The tips presented here are practical, funny and incredibly useful!

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