Where is the clipboard on "Android" (in the phone and tablet)

Owners of smartphones and gadgets at least oncehave heard the phrase "clipboard". On average, users use it several times a day. But not everyone understands what it is like to use it and where the clipboard is located on Android.

Why do I need a clipboard?

Just like on a personal computer, the bufferexchange brings the owners of smartphones and tablets convenience. Its use makes it possible to transfer data more quickly and to process information more comfortably. Before you ask yourself where the clipboard is located on Android, you need to understand what is its main task.

clipboard in the phone android

The only function of the buffer in smartphones andtablets - saving text and data in RAM. Many applications also use their own clipboard analog for storing information: video sequence parts, audio tracks, thumbnails and so on. It also allows you to copy phone numbers, pieces of dialogs and transfer them to new windows.

In most cases, go to the clipboardis impossible. The operating system "Android" does not provide such an opportunity. A piece of information added to the memory will be stored in the phone until it is replaced by another. But since these data are stored in RAM, if the phone or tablet is turned off, they will be lost.

How to add text to the clipboard on "Android"?

Now it became clear where the clipboard for "Android" is located. But it remains to understand how to add there text, image, file.

clipboard where is the android

It's pretty simple. To add text to the temporary memory, you must apply a long touch at the beginning of the line. After a few seconds, markers appear on the screen, which easily follow the touch. You need to place the required text between two markers. Then you need to save the data. To do this, in any space, you need to make a short touch. The text is copied to the clipboard.

In order to save an image or file, as a rule, you need a long touch on the object. After that, a submenu pops up, in the list of which will be the item "Copy to clipboard".

How to paste data from the clipboard?

After the necessary data has been placed in the temporary memory, it does not matter where the clipboard for Android is located. Now it's important to understand how to insert the saved text.

To begin with, you need to move to a place wheretransferred data. It can be a text editor, a search string in the browser, a message thread or a contact settings. Then, at the desired location, a long touch is performed. Then the user will be presented with a pop-up menu that prompts you to insert the information. The entire text or other type of data will be moved to the new window unchanged.

The value of the clipboard is that itallows you to transfer data in a short time and without loss of accuracy. For example, a long website address can be transferred to another user in a few moments.

where is the clipboard for android

Also, users should not forget that after the insertion the information does not disappear from the buffer. It will be stored there until a new copy or shutdown of the smartphone.

How to clear the clipboard in the phone "Android"

Now there are no more questions left. We already know what the clipboard is, where it is. "Android" throws us a new task: how to delete the saved data?

It starts with the fact that this action is notwill help improve the operability of the operating system. All the stored information takes only a few megabytes. But if the need to clean the buffer still appeared, then you need to go into any text editor and keep the touch on empty space.

In certain versions of "Android" on the screenA frame with three dots will appear in the upper right corner. The user will need to click on them and select the "Clipboard" item, and then "Delete All". After that, all the saved information will be erased.

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