Instructions: how to "contact" delete messages

How to delete messages in Contacts
How do I delete messages? Beginning users of this social network periodically encounter such a question. Firstly, it avoids cluttering and keeps only the really necessary correspondence, and secondly, to remove the dialogues with unwanted users from the eyes. How do I delete messages? This is what we will discuss in this article.


Before answering the main question, I would like to note some facts:

  • there is no possibility to delete the sent message "In contact";
  • There is no function to instantly delete all information contained in the same section.

We will explain, in the first case, if you have already written a personal message to a person and clicked the "send" button (or the Enter key on the keyboard), then cancel the transfer from you already
will not work, since the message has already reachedhis addressee, and immediately, as soon as he appears on the network, he will be able to read it. In the second case, the administration of the VKontakte site did not provide for the possibility of deleting all dialogs at once. So, now we turn to the main question of this article.

delete the sent message in the contact;

How do I delete messages?

  1. We go to the site under their registration data.
  2. Select the item in the menu on the left, called "My Messages".
  3. Social network provides mappingmessages in two forms: in the form of dialogues (that is, all correspondence with one user is collected into one file) or in the form of messages, which, in turn, are divided into incoming and outgoing messages. If you need to delete a specific message, not all correspondence, then it's more convenient to choose the first option. We will tell you about this and about another case.
  4. Delete all correspondence with a specific user.
  • Dialogs are much easier to remove, since allmessages are collected in one place. All we need to do is click on the cross, which is located in the upper right corner of the unsolved conversation, and confirm the deletion.
  • Deleting messages one by one is much more difficult. You need to tick off the unwanted messages and use the "Delete" button.

5. Delete a specific message.

  • Having opened the dialog, you have to find the necessary message. If the correspondence is small, you can do it manually, otherwise use the search function. It is in the upper right corner of the
    how to delete a message in a contact
    section "Actions" of the open dialogue.
  • How do I delete a "Contact" message? Check the required message and click the "Delete" button.

6. How do I delete messages? If you need to completely clean the section with the same name, you will have to do it completely manually, deleting each dialog or each message. It's a matter of caution, it's pretty dull and it can take quite some time. On the Internet you can find many programs and scripts that are designed to remove correspondence. But we do not recommend using them, as there is a risk that your page will fall into the wrong hands, or the administration of the site will banned the account because of suspicious activity.

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