What is "VKontakte" JV and how to install it

The joint venture in the social network "VK" is a familyposition. These two words are most often shortened. Perhaps, newcomers also do not know what "VKontakte SP" is, so today we decided in detail to talk about this, as well as how to correctly establish this status in the project and, if necessary, hide it from other users. Surely you understand what the term "marital status" is, so we will not go into details. Go straight to the point.


what is in contact cn
So, let's figure out how to put JV "BContact ». Also we will look, what variants of a marital status happen now in a social network. If you want, you can set the options: "Not married", "Meet" (meaning you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend), and also "Engaged", "Married" (married), "In love (a) "," Everything is complicated "and" In active search ".

After you have learned what is in the "Contact"JV, you also need to know that the line reflecting your marital status in the social network, you can change at any time. Here everything will depend on the situation.


Let's now figure out how to establish a marital status in the social network "VC". Everything is really very simple.

1. You need to log in with your account ,.

2. After that you will be able to see the "Edit page" tab below the avatar, which is what you should press on it.

What is in the "Contact" JV, it was noted above, but you also need to know how to properly establish a marital status, because this question is now very often asked by the project participants.

3. After you go to the page editing tab, you must first indicate your gender, if previously this was not done.

Gender identity should be noted so that in the future you can put up a marital status.

4. Now you need to decide on your marital status by selecting it from the 7 options listed above.

5. When the JV is marked, you will be able to notice a new line in which there is an opportunity to choose people. In this list you need to find the person with whom you have a desire to establish a marital status.

6. At the final stage, you just need to save the changes and update the page, after which all the information appears in your profile.

7. If necessary, hide your status using the privacy settings.

how to put cn in contact


Now you know what is "VKontakte" JV, and also how it can be installed. Obviously, this should not raise any questions or difficulties.

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