Feature: what is it? Excursion to the world of IT slang

Many people, wandering around the expanses of the world wide web, stumble upon an incomprehensible word "feature". What is it and why you can meet it even in the most remote corners of the Internet?

Features and bugs - eternal guests in the world of IT

The word itself is borrowed from the English language. In translation, "feature" means "characteristic feature", "distinctive feature". Thus, the feature is the slang name of those features that distinguish the given object from the others.

So it happened historically that most often thisthe word is used in the tusovka of IT specialists - programmers, web designers, web designers. We can say that this concept goes hand in hand with the bug.

what is a feature

What is a bug?

The term "bug" also came to us from Englishlanguage, in which "bug" is translated as an insect, a bug. The history of its occurrence is interesting in itself: many years ago, while testing a regular computer, scientists at Harvard University discovered in it a moth that was stuck among the contacts of an electromechanical relay. A stupid insect was, of course, seized, and then placed in a special technical diary with a note "The first real case, when a beetle was found."

Even up to this point the term "bug" was used forthe designation of various faults in electrical equipment. And after that, all the programmers of the planet began to call errors that manifest themselves in the course of the program. As a rule, the cause of the bug is not some serious logical error, but a small defect, for example, a random error in the code.

this is not a bug is a feature

So after all, a feature or a bug?

Now that you know what a feature and bug are, youindependently can draw a line between these concepts. It happens that the bugs found, that is, unforeseen errors, are given out for a feature included in the software or the work of the site specifically. From here came a joking phrase, flying around the Internet: "This is not a bug, it's a feature!".

Of course, do not forget (whatever "cool"nor it seemed a feature), that this is primarily a mistake. That's why it's better to fix the bug, at least in order to prevent the appearance of security holes in the software.

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