Internet Protection: How to find out your proxy port

Comprehensive Internet is aintricate multi-level communication of a huge number of computers from around the world, so the name "network" is the best description of this concept. All information that can be found on the Internet is stored just in all these machines, many of which are powerful servers that support and support the operation of a large number of services and sites. In all this interweaving of electronics and technology, anyone can access absolutely any machine connected to the Internet.

how to find out your port

To prevent this from happening, at one time there wereVarious security products have been developed, including antiviruses, firewalls, password-protected access and others, which continue to evolve to this day. Yes, and it is unlikely to stop, because the means and methods of breaking and penetration, too, becomes more every minute. The eternal opposition of the shield and sword, what can you say. Thus, among the many security tools, you should highlight the use of a proxy server.

A proxy server is a set of programs andwhich allows customers to make requests to other network services, being a link between the client and a particular server. In simple terms, a proxy server is a middleman between the supplier and the recipient, a kind of dealer. This is what its protective function is - the client can not directly access the server, but only through such an "intermediary". Therefore, even bypassing all other levels of protection and hacking the proxy, the attacker tears it from the end server and does not gain access to the information stored on it. This is a simplified, but understandable explanation of the operation of the proxy.

find out your port

Proxy can also be used in the opposite direction,that is, "hide" is not a server machine, but its own, not allowing it to leave traces of its ip-address in the network. The principle is the same - you can not calculate, because formally this is not you did go to any server, but a proxy. Here its traces can be calculated quite simply, but the most of this, more often than not, is little help. And to allow someone access to your car, you will not need anything other than to find out your port and inform his friend. Often, as a member of a corporate network, you are accessing the Internet through such a proxy server.

The difficulty is that some programs forthe settings of their work can "want" to know their proxy server port - that is, the address through which you make the connection to the network. How can I find out my port? Very simply - open the properties of your connection over the local network, select the Internet Protocol TCP / IP, go to its properties, and if in the address column there are not standard 192.168 ..., but something else, this is your port.

How to find out your proxy port without being a membercorporate network? Also not very difficult. To do this, download the Mozilla Firefox browser from the manufacturers site, start, go to the "Settings" menu item, select the "Advanced" tab and click "Network". There will be a full description of your proxy server, if you, of course, use it. The same procedures can be done with the Internet Explorer browser.

how to find out your proxy port

Yes, very often to configure the same programs (for example, FlashGet), besides how to find out your port, you also need to specify a proxy host. It can also be viewed in IE and Mozilla browsers.

If you find it difficult to answerthe question of how to find out your port, then it's best for you to contact the administrator who services your network and explain to him the peculiarities of the situation. If everything is in order, then he will be able to help you.

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