How on "Android" to clear the cache in different ways?

No matter how much memoryultramodern tablet, sooner or later it gets clogged up with all sorts of unnecessary files. Therefore, each owner of this gadget has a completely logical and logical question about how to clear the browser cache on "Android"? After reading this article, you will learn how to do it in several different ways.

how to clean cache on android

Why do I need to delete files?

Before you start to understand how to "Android"clear the cache, you need to try to understand what is meant by this term and why such a need arises. The system cache is nothing more than a set of video, images, text and other auxiliary files responsible for the most correct display of Internet browser pages.

Surely many of those who are interested in how to"Android" clear the cache, repeatedly drew attention to the fact that the download of a web page takes some time. Sometimes this process passes quickly, and sometimes it takes a long time to wait. The more you use the Internet, the more files are stored in your device's cache. On the one hand, this saves internet traffic. On the other hand, there arises the question of the expediency of storing a large number of unnecessary files, many of which, perhaps, will never be used.

The same applies to games and applications. Any action or achievement is stored in the cache, and it is completely unclear why to accumulate this data if the user wants to get rid of the boring game or application.

how to clear the browser cache on android

Cleaning with built-in tools

Before you clean the cache on Android, you shouldto understand that we are winning as a result of such actions. It is necessary to say at once that such manipulations allow solving several important problems at once. Clearing the free space in memory contributes to a significant acceleration of the entire system.

In any modern device working on the baseAndroid operating system, there is a special function that allows you to get rid of unnecessary files. To use it, you need to open the gadget settings and go to the "Memory" section, go to the "Cached data" tab. As a result of these actions, the screen will prompt you to free memory from unnecessary files. After clicking "Ok", the cleaning will be performed. However, it should be understood that too frequent repetition of this algorithm can do much harm to the system.

how to clear the cache on an android tablet

How do I clean the device?

Those who do not know how to clean the "Android"cache, for sure it will be interesting that this can be done by resetting to the factory settings. This will completely clean the device, erasing everything that was written after the purchase. To get rid of all unnecessary files, you can go to the settings of the gadget and find there tab "Confidentiality." After that, the user can only press the "Reset settings" button and reboot the device.

Getting rid of unnecessary files with the help of third-party programs

Those who are interested in how to clear the cache on the tablet ("Android" on these devices is installed quite often), will be surprised, realizing that this can be done whenhelp special software. The work of all "cleaners" is based on one principle. Therefore, the user needs to open the corresponding program and, after starting the memory analysis, wait for the report about the found files to be disposed of. To start the data deletion, you need to activate the cache-clearing function.

One of the main advantages of using such utilities can be considered that they immediately show exactly what amount of memory will be released as a result of getting rid of cached files.

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