Battlefield 2: fashion for weapons, equipment

Every game sooner or later becomes obsolete ingraphic or in the gameplay plan. Not an exception is such a famous, but already forgotten Battlefield 2. Mods help to solve such problems. In addition, the add-ons can revive the gameplay and make a number of changes. They can be divided into several categories. The name determines what innovations will be introduced into the game.

General Information on Battlefield 2

The game is a network tacticalA shooter that has elements of strategy. The company DICE was engaged in development, and the publisher is EA. The release date is June 2005. The game has a single and network mode. The first one is possible to pass with three levels of complexity and interact with fifteen computer bots. Network mode allows you to simultaneously play up to 64 people. There was a game for PC, XBOX, XBOX 360 and PS2.

battlefield 2 fashion

The game emphasizes teamwork. It is possible to choose which class to perform assignments for. Seven units are represented. Each has certain parameters, plus minuses and pluses.

A huge amount of various military equipment is represented in Battlefield 2. Mods are also able to add the desired transport to the game.

Saturated with a variety of cards that can impress almost every player.

Battlefield 2. Weapon Models

On the Internet there is a large number of add-onsto add a variety of weapons. Additions will not only introduce weapons, but also change some of its characteristics for a convenient game in Battlefield 2. The modes presented below are the most popular.

1. WTF UNLOCKS MOD. Like those who want to have fun in the game. It's unlikely that gamers will like it, they want to see the process as realistic as possible. In the mod, in addition to the original weapons, a number of other weapons and other changes were added.

battlefield 2 fashion on weapons

2. BATTLEFIELD 2 HARDCORE. The modification is intended for playing in multiplayer. Many people call this FPS the best for all time. Contains a huge number of additions and will allow the player to experience new impressions of the gameplay. Here are the main changes in the modification:

  • there is no crosshair of weapons;
  • increased damage and range;
  • increased accuracy in the aiming mode;
  • ballistics changes during the movement;
  • a balance of damage and damage to equipment was edited;
  • more smoke, blood;
  • increased the number of effects, which allows you to more deeply immerse in the game process;
  • simple and fast installation.

Mods for Battlefield 2. For a single player game

Although the game is more aimed atmultiplayer, still there are gamers who want to spend a couple of evenings in a single mode. Additions of this type contain basically a number of innovations and changes, starting with weapons and ending with visual effects that will improve the gameplay of Battlefield 2. There are no easy ways to find such a genre on the Internet, here are just some of them:

  • BATTLEFIELD 2: SPECIAL FORCES. Is official. Addition allows you to play for a group of elite soldiers. Contains such troops: the special forces of the Russian Federation; Arab terrorists; troops formed like Chechen militants; American Marines; SAS. The special feature of this addon is the night cards, which will have to be fought using special devices. The advantage in the supplement is aimed at the use of manpower. The software requirements are about the same as for the main game.

fashion on battlefield 2 for single player

  • BATTLEFIELD 2: REAL WAR. Addon contains a lot of additions, which were taken from others and wedged into this. For its creation was divided into ten mods, of which they took the best. At the same time, everything is collected in one file and does not require the installation of all in order. This mod is the most full.

Battlefield 2. Transport Supplements

Such modifications are aimed at those whowants to get new types of transport and weapons in Battlefield 2. Techniques for technology often contain a number of changes. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Battlegroup-Frontlines. A very well-known modification for Battlefield 2. Actions take place during the Second World War. A special difference is the presence of a huge amount of technology from the times of the Second World War. In addition, a lot of hand weapons of those times. The addition is balanced, the maps are well detailed, there are new visual and sound effects. Suitable for those who are fed up with the original game.

battlefield 2 fashion technology

  • Battlefield 2 - Iran Conflict. The action takes place in 2006. It includes several new maps, on which it is possible to play both online and in single mode. Contains additional types of transport and military equipment.

Other Fashion

In addition to the presented mods, you can highlight a few more that can be easily found on the network and free to download. Here are the recommended modifications:

  • Battlefield 2: World at war.
  • Operation peacekeeper.
  • Project Reality.
  • Alpha Project Mod v0.1.
  • Desert Combat.
  • Battlefield Pirates 2.

These add-ons should be tried by all amateursthe original game. Every gamer can find something for himself. In addition, they will introduce many changes and innovations, such as visual and sound effects, with which the original game is deprived.

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