BitLocker: What is it and how to unblock it?

With the release of the Windows 7 operating system, manyusers are faced with the fact that it appeared somewhat incomprehensible service BitLocker. What is BitLocker, many can only guess. Let's try to clarify the situation on specific examples. In passing, we will consider the questions as to whether it is expedient to use this component or to turn it off completely.

BitLocker: what is BitLocker, why this service is needed

If you understand, BitLocker is auniversal and fully automated means of encryption of data stored on the hard drive. What is BitLocker on the hard drive? Simply a service that protects files and folders without user intervention by encrypting them and creating a special text key that provides access to documents.

bitlocker what is

When the user is working in the system under hisaccount, he can not even guess that the data is encrypted, because the information is displayed in a readable form, and access to files and folders is not blocked. In other words, such a means of protection is only intended for situations when unauthorized access is made to the computer terminal, for example, when trying to interfere from outside (Internet attack).

Questions about passwords and cryptography

Nevertheless, if we talk about what isBitLocker Windows 7 or systems of higher rank, it is worth noting and the unfortunate fact that when you lose the password for the entrance many users are not that can not log into the system, and perform some actions to view documents previously available, for copying, moving and e.

But that's not all. If you deal with the question of what BitLocker Windows 8 or 10 is, there are no special differences, except that they have more advanced cryptography technology. Here the problem is clearly in another. The fact is that the service itself is capable of working in two modes, keeping the decryption keys either on the hard disk or on a removable USB-drive.

bitlocker how to disable

This begs the simplest conclusion: if there is a saved key on the hard drive, the user gets access to all the information stored on it, without any problems. But when the key is saved on a flash drive, the problem is much more serious. Encrypted disk or partition to see, in principle, you can, but consider the information - no way.

In addition, if you really say what isBitLocker Windows 10 or earlier systems, it is necessary to note the fact that the service integrates into contextual menus of any type, caused by the right click, which many users are simply annoying. But let's not go ahead, but consider all the main aspects related to the operation of this component and the expediency of its application or deactivation.

The method of encryption of disks and removable media

The strangest thing is that in differentsystems and their modifications, the BitLocker service can be installed by default in both active and passive mode. In the "seven" it is enabled by default, in the eighth and tenth versions sometimes it is necessary to manually switch on.

what is a bitlocker on the hard drive

As for encryption, there is nothing particularly newnot invented. Typically, the same AES technology is used on a public key basis, which is most often used in corporate networks. Therefore, if your computer terminal with the appropriate operating system on board is connected to the local network, you can be sure that the applicable security and data protection policy implies the activation of this service. Not having admin rights (even if you start changing the settings as administrator), you can not change anything.

Enable BitLocker if the service is deactivated

Before solving the issue related to BitLocker(how to turn off the service, how to remove its commands from the context menu), look at the inclusion and configuration, especially since the deactivation steps will have to be done in the reverse order.

Enabling encryption in the simplest wayis made from the "Control Panel" by selecting the disk encryption section. This method is only applicable if the key is not stored on removable media.

In the event that the non-removable media is locked, you will have to find the answer to another question about the BitLocker service: how to disable this component on the USB flash drive? This is done quite simply.

what is bitlocker windows 8

Provided that the key is located on a removablemedia, to decrypt disks and disk partitions, you first need to insert it into the appropriate port (connector), and then go to the section of the security system "Control Panel". After that, we find the BitLocker encryption point, and then look at the disks and media on which protection is installed. At the very bottom will be a hyperlink to disable encryption, which you need to click on. If the key is recognized, the decryption process is activated. It remains only to wait for the completion of its implementation.

Problems in configuring encryption components

Regarding the setting, here without a headache is notdo without. First, the system offers to reserve at least 1.5 GB for their own needs. Secondly, you need to configure the NTFS file system permissions, reduce the size of the volume, etc. To not deal with such things, it is better to immediately disable this component, because most users simply do not need it. Even all those who have this service turned on in the default settings, also do not always know what to do with it, whether it is needed at all. But in vain. You can protect data on the local computer with it, even if there is no anti-virus software.

BitLocker: how to disable. First stage

Again, we use the previously mentioned point in"Control panels". Depending on the system modification, the names of the service off fields can be changed. The selected drive can be a security pause line or a direct indication that BitLocker is disabled.

what is bitlocker windows 10

The bottom line is not that. Here you should also pay attention to the fact that you need to completely disable the update of the BIOS and the boot files of the computer system. Otherwise, the decryption process can take a long time.

Context menu

This is only one side of the coin associated withservice BitLocker. What is BitLocker, probably, is already clear. But the downside is also to isolate additional menus from the presence of links to this service in them.

what is bitlocker windows 7

To do this, look again at BitLocker. How to remove all references to the service from the context menu? Elementary! In "Explorer" when selecting the desired file or folder, use the service section and edit the corresponding context menu, go to the settings, then use the command settings and organize them.

Next, specify the value of the Control Panel, find the corresponding elements of the panels and commands in the list, select the necessary command and simply delete it.

After that, we enter the branch in the Registry EditorHKCR, where we find the ROOTDirectoryShell section, expand it and delete the desired element by pressing the Del key or the delete command from the right-click menu. Actually, that's the last thing about the BitLocker component. How to turn it off, I think, is already clear. But do not delude yourself. Anyway, this service will work in the background (so, just in case), whether you like it or not.

Instead of an afterword

It remains to add that this is not all thatwe can say about the BitLocker encryption system component. What is BitLocker, figured out how to turn it off and remove the menu commands - too. The question is: is it worth to disable BitLocker? Here you can give only one piece of advice: in a corporate LAN, you do not need to deactivate this component at all. But if it's a home computer terminal, why not?

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