How to get "Weather 2" weather effects?

The game "DotA 2" is distinguished by the fact that it changesweather - over the arena there may be a night with moonlight, rain and even snow. This happens in an arbitrary way, that is, ordinary players can not affect this. But there are also those who can control the weather - with the help of special items that can be equipped in the weather slot. But where can you find such items that in the game "Dota 2" weather effects are under your control?


DotA 2 weather effects

In "Dota 2" weather effects - this is the very sameobjects with which you can control the weather. They look like glass balls, inside of which is depicted the same weather that will dominate the arena, if you activate this item. To do this, you need to put the weather effect in the special weather slot of your character's inventory - and the weather will immediately change to the one you chose. However, note that the weather changes only for the player who uses the item - the rest of the players see the standard weather. Thus, in the game "Dota 2" weather effects are relevant only for those who use them - that's why they refer to cosmetic objects.

Types of effects

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However, what can be in the game "Dota 2"weather effects? There are only three of them, but this is enough for you to diversify the gameplay or use the weather effect that you like most, on a permanent basis. So, with the help of these items, you can make it snow, you can also cause rainy weather, or immerse the arena on a night with bright moonlight. All these effects look very impressive, but you need to understand that they also consume the resources of your computer, so if you play at the minimum settings, then you better not use any weather effect "DotA 2" - the price for this may be too high.

How to get?

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If you are thinking about how to purchase foryourself is one of the weather effects, then you may be disappointed, since this is a limited subject - it can not just be purchased in the game or from other gamers. In fact, he was on the list of bonuses for buyers of the "Compendium" - a book that was distributed in the framework of the event The International 2014. Thus, these effect balls went to those who bought the book on "DotA" in 2014. Now you can only swap these balls for some other rare object from other gamers, since the sale of weather effects is prohibited both directly and through the trading platform "Steam". That is, exchange is the only way to get the weather effect of DotA 2, the name does not matter at all, since the effects were distributed to three each buyer of the book. Accordingly, you need to prepare something really valuable in order to get a ball of weather effects - otherwise you can forget about the ability to change the weather and will always play only in the conditions that the game itself will offer you. This, of course, is not the end of the world, but still the ability to change the weather is quite interesting and enjoyable.

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