Best isp for netbook

Unfortunately, such a promising direction asthe production of netbooks, is gradually curtailing, unable to withstand competition with the relatively recently appeared tablets. At least, this is evidenced by the latest analytical reports.

OS for a netbook
Nevertheless, people who managed to acquire "juniorbrother "of the laptop, often wonder which OS is best for a netbook. The right choice allows not only to fully disclose all the potential laid by developers in their high-tech device, but also the user himself to work productively with the software.

What is a netbook? Perhaps someone else remembers the slogan, actively declared at every corner: every schoolboy in developing countries - a laptop! Moreover, it was proposed to balance the components in such a way that the cost of each such device would not exceed $ 100. So, netbooks Asus, better known as EeePC, were created. Of course, the planned border of $ 100, although it was possible to achieve, but significantly worsening the already modest capabilities of the device. An acceptable configuration (including OS for a netbook) cost the buyer $ 200-300. The difference from the laptop in the following:

- In the latest models, the hard disk is replaced with a flash memory;

- The screen diagonal is not more than 9 inches (modern models can "boast" even 12);

what is better for a netbook
- CPU performance does not allow you to work comfortably with complex applications that require significant processing power;

- The drive is missing, and the number of ports is reduced to a minimum;

- Upgrading of components is limited.

Nevertheless, the OS for the netbook allowed to work withInternet, run office applications - everything that does not put too much strain on the processor. In some recent models it was possible to connect a discrete graphics card, increase memory, easily change the processor. Moreover, the appearance of Intel Atom has raised productivity to a new level.

In other words, a netbook is a "lightweight"a laptop model designed to solve a certain range of tasks. Even the name itself assumes the devices are oriented towards network work. Given the small size and light weight, this class of mini-computers is much more convenient when traveling.

netbooks asus
Accordingly, a number of OS for the netbook was proposed. Among them is worth noting XO-1, Linpus, gOS, Xandros, OS X from Apple and, of course, solutions from Microsoft. Despite the apparent abundance of OS for a netbook, there is no particularly rich choice here, and most of it is based on the free Linux kernel. It has long been noted that this system, with other things being equal, is less demanding on hardware components than the well-known Windows.

Many netbook owners are opting for Linux Mint - this is a fairly successful system that allows solving all the main tasks.

If the user is accustomed to Windows, then there is nothing easier - you can install XP. Sometimes even Win 7 is offered in the Starter edition, but still its requirements are higher.

In summary, we can say that the best systemfor a netbook is one that the user is comfortable with. After all, first of all, the devices should help a person, and not him - to worry about the "comfort" of their electronic assistants.

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