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Games Transformers (eng. Transformers games) have emerged relatively recently. But even in such a short period they were able to win recognition among the admirers of the whole world! Most likely, this is due to the fact that the game Transformers Megatron << Cybertron Prime >> is intended not only for boys, but also for girls. In total, playing instead of the character you like, you can participate not only in shootings. You will have the opportunity to solve complex puzzles. There are strategy games designed specifically for boys. You will be able to lead a detachment, and perhaps even an army of Transformers. In addition, you can establish your own civilization.

The Legend of Megatron from Cybertron

Megatron is the main Decepticon from the legend aboutCybertron. The main weapon of Megatron is insidious plans and all sorts of manipulations. Prior to the war, Megatron and Optimus Prime were close friends, wisely ruling the planet Cybertron (English Cybertron). Once upon a time there appears a powerful Energy cube, which is for all Transformers the Spark of Life (English Spark), something like Soul. Megatron wanted to have Live Spark using her energy for personal purposes.

But Optimus (Eng. Optimus Prime) refuses the offer of Megatron (English Megatron) and becomes one of the guardians of the planet Cybertron. In the ensuing war, the planet was destroyed and devastated, and Spark was lost. However, after him in pursuit sent Transformer Megatron. As a result of long searches, the Decepticon loses a lot of energy! When entering the Earth's atmosphere, it crashes in the Arctic Ocean.

transformers megatron game

The plot line of the game is closely related to thethe film. The game Megatron is also quite a difficult opponent! However, even on him you can find the boss! In the arsenal of huge robots still have weapons that can kill him. It can be blasters or rocket launchers, as well as cold steel weapons in the form of a sword, axes, etc. The essence of the game Transformers - to defeat Megatron! It is noteworthy that this can be done in many different ways. Sometimes it needs to be defeated with the help of a certain algorithm, which can be either light or rather complicated.

Transformers: The Game (2007)

The game offers to move to one of the warringsides of Autobots or Decepticons. In fact, the gameplay of the game is an action-shooter from a third party. All robots have at least four types of attacks, they also include throwing: trees, cars, etc. To fans of racing this game will also have to liking. Robots are transformed into machines in the reverse order. On the instructions you need to reach a specific point for the time set, or before the enemy character does. Any of the areas of the game is an open world.

At the last level of the game with you will fightTransformer Megatron. But not so simple! Most of the time it will bomb you with missiles, being in the alternative form of the aircraft. However, if you can throw it with surrounding objects, falling to the ground, it will change its shape from the airplane to the robot.

Now you will not be bored! Remember, when Megatron runs on you with an energy block, be sure to get out of his way. Otherwise it is fraught with your death! Subsequently, throw it at any object, until you are awarded a small prize - beating Megatron. After doing such manipulations several times, you will defeat Megatron and, in fact, pass the game!

transformers megatron game

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The Game (2009)

Unlike the last part, on the first level of thisthe game has no raisins or abstruse algorithms, thanks to which, you can win. The storyline of the game unfolds in different parts of the planet Earth, from Shanghai to Cairo. Transformer Megatron in this game has a band of health that does not regenerate. Your only goal is to survive! In this case, you need to shoot or hammer the enemy.

Despite the simplicity, this level is stillremains quite difficult to pass. Transformer Megatron still remains one of the most powerful in the whole universe. On the penultimate level, your task will be to destroy not only Megatron, but Starscream (English Starscrefm)! However, do not worry! Your assistant will be the fought Transformer-veteran Jetfire (English Jetfire).

transformers win megatron

In this game, sometimes the robot has to smoothlyTo rebuild during the flight to adapt to the specifics of different levels. The player needs to correctly calculate the ammo consumption and manage to switch from one robot mode to another. Basically, all the gameplay is limited to shooting robots.

What are the advantages of the game?

However, developers need to playthank for the excellent network mode. When people fight, and not dead painted characters, then playing always becomes much more interesting. It's worth mentioning the presence of multiplayer - now it's a pleasure to play! In fact, there are a lot of games where it is necessary to combat Megatron, because the Universe of Transformers is very popular! In addition, everyone wants to snatch a piece of pie, creating their own game about the huge robots that fight among themselves in space and on Earth.

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