How to overclock the AMD processor?

Before you begin the story of howto overclock the AMD processor, it would not hurt to say a few words in support of overclocking. The relevance of this issue lies in the fact that an increasing number of non-advanced users are interested in this issue quite actively.

As you know, the performance of the computer and itsfunctional elements depends on the parameters of its constituent elements, as well as on their coordinated joint work. Sometimes it is quite inadequate to buy all the components and combine them, sometimes you need to configure certain parameters, which will allow the whole system to work together. In addition, it should be noted that even an optimally tuned computer can not meet the growing needs of users for a long time, so sometimes there is a need for a new configuration or purchase of additional components. Some users act radically, buying a new computer. However, all this entails significant costs, which is not always convenient.

There is also such a method as overclocking, the essencewhich consists in setting up the work of the nodes and computer elements to work in the forced mode. Usually, this makes it possible to increase the speed of operation of each element and substantially increase the productivity of the entire system. Side-effect in the form of reducing the period of trouble-free operation is quite acceptable.

How to overclock the AMD Duron processor and Athlon?

Both processors are based on the coreThunderbird and are shipped in a PGA package. In accordance with the features of the architecture, both processors require a special motherboard with chipsets that support them. It is possible to overclock the AMD Athlon and Duron processors, which is explained by the fact that they have a sufficient resource of the resource, which allows increasing the productivity due to the use of increasing the frequency of the processor bus. Usually it can be increased by about 10-15%. However, the limiting frequency depends not only on the processor itself and the bus, but also on the motherboard. It should be noted that these processors have a fixed frequency multiplier that connects the internal frequency with the external frequency. Forcing the work of the processor becomes possible only by increasing the frequency of the bus. If we talk about how to overclock the AMD processor, then it should be noted that for these processor models, the maximum allowed voltage increase is not more than 5-10% relative to the standard level set by the manufacturer. The value of the value of the frequency multiplier, which connects the external frequency of the processor to the internal one, and also the supply voltage, determine the corresponding contacts. Some models of motherboards allow using these contacts in order to change the values ​​of processor frequency multipliers.

How to overclock the AMD processor?

For overclocking, you can use a specialutility AMD OverDriver, intended for motherboards based on the chipset AMD 700. After you install the utility and open it, a tab appears that contains the general system information. In the Diagram tab you can see the information about the chipset. In the Preference and Settings tab, you must switch the utility to Advanced Mode. Only in this way you can start overclocking. You need to tick the Select All Cores item in Clock / Voltage. Now it is necessary to increase the CPU multiplier in small increments.

It is important to note that in addition to this utilityThere is still a huge number of programs offering similar services. And with this you can overclock the AMD Phenom processor and others. It is worthwhile to understand that the computer is a complex mechanism, which must be handled with the utmost care, so if you are afraid of the consequences of your actions, it is better not to do anything at all.

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