TeamViewer: program analogues

Any remote access program allowsremotely control the computer using the Internet or a local network. Thanks to these tools, administrators solve user problems. However, these utilities are used by many at home. For example, if you need to help solve a computer problem to a relative or friend. The most popular application for remote management is TeamViewer, but it also has analogs.

teamviewer analog

LiteManager Free

LiteManager Free is a tool with the help ofwhich any user can easily manage a PC from a distance. Work is carried out both in a local network, and through the Internet. The application was developed for simultaneous technical support of a large number of users and enhanced control of employees of large firms. The main advantages of the utility include:

  • Instantly manage your Windows desktop.
  • Support for Windows Aero.
  • Built-in task manager with the ability to manage processes.
  • Computer management using the command line, which is very valuable with a slow Internet connection.
  • Access to all files stored on the PC.
  • Quickly collect technical information about the operation of your computer.
  • Installing updates that require administrator rights.

This free analog TeamViewer canconnect to the remote workplace both by IP and ID, if the user does not have an external network address. Also the program offers tools for installing and uninstalling applications on an administered computer, as well as changing PC power settings. LiteManager Free is a convenient and simple program that does not require any special experience or technical knowledge. To understand it in a short time can even beginner.

analog teamviewer for windows


AnyDesk is a utility, in the process of developmentPriority was given to speeding up the administration of remote workstations. In fact, this program was written from scratch. It uses all the modern technologies of graphical interfaces used in the Windows family. AnyDesk allows you to perform all the same actions as TeamViewer. The analog, however, works much faster than this and is considered the most high-speed one. In a local network, AnyDesk transmits a desktop video at a rate of 60 frames per second. This is the leading indicator among such software.

remote access program

An important indicator when working with a remote workertable - the delay between pressing a key and displaying the result on the screen. It is impossible to get rid of it, because it takes time to transmit information at a distance. And the more data sent, the longer they will go to the recipient. Introduced analog TeamViewer for Windows works with a minimum delay among such utilities - only 15 milliseconds. Also important is the speed of the Internet during administration. Even the most reliable provider has problems. AnyDesk shows stable and uninterrupted work at a speed of 100 kilobits per second. This allows you to perform remote management, even on mobile networks.


Radmin is a very powerful tool. It is used primarily by system administrators. It is very unlike the usual TeamViewer, this analog was developed specifically for corporate networks. The main tasks for the tool are two - technical support for employees of large companies, as well as network administration without the need for physical presence.

free analog teamviewer

The application is paid. Trial period is 30 days. Main features:

  1. Simultaneous work with a large number of machines without disconnect. This is convenient when you need to administer computers located in different cities.
  2. AES-encryption of all generated traffic. Security levels can be selected manually.
  3. Exchange voice and text messages between the user and the administrator.
  4. Compatibility is not only with modern OS, but also support for Windows NT / 98/95.

The installation of Radmin is not the same as inthe TeamViewer program. The analog consists of two parts: server and client. The first is installed on the administered machines. It does not allow you to connect to others. The second is installed only on the computer of the technical support agent.

Ammy Admin

This utility is a simple optionfor remote control of PC. It contains only the basic modes of operation: file transfer, chat, desktop management and viewing. The application does not require installation, absolutely free for use outside of corporations.

teamviewer analog

Like TeamViewer, the analogue can work throughInternet and local network. The minimum set of functions does not require a long study, which will allow the utility to be used even by a user who has not encountered similar tools.

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