How do I find out the IP of someone else's computer?

Sometimes there is a need forfind out the IP address of someone else's or your computer. Let's figure out how to find out the IP of someone else's computer? To do this, you need the following: a computer, a permanent access to the Internet, a set of special knowledge, a high degree of care, as well as an instruction that will be offered further.

How to determine the IP address of someone else's computer?

It is worth starting with the fact that each personalThe computer on the network has two different types of addresses - Mac and IP. Our goal will be to find an answer to the question of how to find out the second type of address of someone else's computer. You can easily find out the IP address using specialized programs that can be found on the Internet without any problems. This can be, for example, Net Limiter. This is a very convenient and easy-to-use program, after installation, you can easily find out which applications from which addresses on the network are trying to get into your PC, as well as what addresses your own computer is trying to access.

If you are interested, how to learn IP of a strangercomputer, then we understand that you may need this for many reasons. Let's look at one of them. It can be assumed that a person is constantly sending you letters, and you are either unpleasant to read (for one reason or another), or they contain some malicious programs, that is, viruses. In this case, you can easily find out the IP address directly from the header of the letter, because usually it contains almost all information regarding the sender.

In addition, there is another option, how to find outIP of someone else's computer. This method involves the use of special programs, which are called online sniffers. There is a certain order of actions. First you need to find a similar program with the help of a search engine, usually they masquerade as some tests, often under tests to determine IQ. Next, you specify a link, at the end of which there will be a record of Your_ID, that is, your entry for identification. It should be created using numbers and Latin letters so that it can be found without difficulty. Now your task is to interest the person you need, so that he can click on the link. You can, for example, send it in a letter or message, accompanying the request to press, and as a motivation to indicate that there are very interesting tests there. And when the link is clicked, the online sniffer will provide you with detailed information about the computer from which this link was activated: date and time, proxy address or IP, and lots of other information.

If you are interested in how to determine IPcomputer, it is worth to know that for this at the moment there are a lot of options on the network and a huge number of services are working. There you can find out what is the IP of your computer. You can give an example of such a service as Thanks to him you will learn not only your IP, but also information about the host country, the provider, the operating system that you have installed, and much more. In addition, you have the opportunity to use special utilities of your own operating system. It is enough to select the "Run" item in the "Start" menu, then enter cmd, and in the window that opens, enter the ipconfig command. After these procedures, the screen displays all the information that interests you. You just have to figure it out.

It is obvious that the Internet provides itsusers who are looking for an answer to the question of how to recognize the IP of someone else's computer, are sufficiently large. Here it is important only to show attentiveness and ingenuity to yourself not to be in such a trap, because if you decide to spy someone, then it is possible that someone behind you is spying on you.

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