DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN: how do I fix it? Error connecting to the Internet

Quite often when you try to access someprotected resources may fail with a description of the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. How to fix the situation, now and see. There are several ways to do this, which will be useful for both the regular user and the system administrator.


Although it seems from the description of the failure that the problemIt is not always the case with DNS servers. A DNS lookup error is often issued by the WebMoney payment system. With regard to it, often the problems can really be related to the incorrect configuration of servers, but the primary role is played by the blocking of the operating system itself (the firewall).

dns probe finished nxdomain how to fix

If you try to access a specificInternet resource DNS lookup errors can also manifest. In this sense, it somewhat resembles a well-known failure associated with the impossibility of displaying the requested page with the indication of a typical code 404.

What does this situation say? Only that through the preferred settings the computer system can not connect to the remote server on which the desired content is located. In this case, even obtaining automatic settings from the provider does not play any role.

DNS parameter errors

DNS server lookup errors can indeedbe associated with incorrect settings in the properties of the TCP / IP protocols. Obtaining automated parameters for some sites and services is simply impossible.

So, for example, for services like Google and Yandexyou need to enter specific parameter values ​​that are not provided in the standard configuration. To configure, you must enter the "Protocol Properties" IP of the fourth or sixth version, if one is used, and enter the necessary parameters. In this case, you should check the field for using the proxy server for local addresses. If there is a tick, it should be removed, because the use of the proxy system in most cases is perceived as a potentially unsafe connection (nonsense!).

In addition, the indication of the preferred andAlternative addresses can often cause problems with access to other sites. One resource will be unlocked, and the other will have the same problem. Will not you change the addresses for each resource? There is a way out of this situation.

Network settings

For most common users thisthe problem is insoluble. But let's look at the other side of the occurrence of a DNS server definition error describing DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. How can I fix this? If you understand the situation, such a failure only indicates that it was not possible to determine the domain of the requested resource.

network configuration

The simplest page update (the Refresh button in the browser or the F5 key) should help.

In addition to program failures, the problem is thata DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error is always issued, may be related to network device disruptions (loose cable connection, incorrect router settings, incompatible computer name and network used, disconnected wireless module, etc.).

All these problems are solved fairly simply, and they should not be stressed. But when some software tries to correct the error, one should think about it.

The program corrects errors. How to get rid of it?

We proceed to the simplest method of eliminatingProblems. Call the console menu "Run" (Win + R) and enter the command ncpa.cpl, which provides access to the protocols used when connecting.

Next, the network configuration involves entering the addressthe preferred DNS server (prescribe four eight, and for the alternative we use two eights and two fours). A check mark on the confirmation string of parameters at the output is optional, but this parameter should be used to check the system configuration and its future performance.

Troubleshoot a problem with Windows tools

If the installation of new parameters was not working, enter the command ipconfig / all in the command console to make sure that the local address is recognized by the system.

the program fixes errors

But it is better to require the checking of parameters insettings of services that are currently executing or intended for execution in the background. To do this, use the services.msc command. After entering the "Editor" you need to check the line with the DNS client. The startup type must be set to automatic (network setup can not do without it).

In extreme cases, you should pay attention to yourselfpre-installed DNS client and its settings. To change the settings we use the standard "Control Panel", then enter the administration section and look for "Service Menu" there.

dns probe completed nxdomain error

The general settings tab will displayconfigure the default DNS client. Again, in the startup type, set the automatic start value. If the service is deactivated, you need to click the start button.

Thus in most cases it is solvedproblem with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. How to fix the situation, it seems to be understandable. But here it is worth paying attention to some third-party factors, not related to the network or the parameters being set.

If nothing helped ...

If you can not fix or fix the error, you need to use the appropriate automated settings and utilities. For example, the Microsoft Fix It!

dns lookup error

It can eliminate a lot of failures,including the correction of Internet connection settings. In this case, the user's consent, as a rule, is not required, and the application does not change the parameters of the current connection session (unless it optimizes the connection speed programmatically, which the user even has no idea).

Even rollback of the system to the previous stateSometimes it helps (provided that there is a problem with the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error). How to fix the situation is already clear. But initially it is necessary to determine the very problem that caused this failure, and only then to deal with its elimination. And the point here is not even in the means used, but in the concept of understanding the problem itself. Software methods are good, but they do not always play a major role. And often the occurrence of errors of this type is connected with the settings of the network connection settings. And full automation of settings often can not guarantee that the connection when accessing a particular resource will be performed at the speed originally specified by the provider.

Finally, you can use the cleaning functionthe contents of the cache of the default Internet browser. But this is rather an extreme measure, which has no direct impact on the elimination of the problem.

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