Invoker is the most versatile hero. What things are needed for the Invoker?

Invoker is itselfversatile, absolutely universal and incredibly complex character in DOTA 2, which is why it is not very widespread. However, due to the very strong complexity of managing this character, very few people know about what things to buy on Invoker and how to manage them at all.

things on the Invoker

Invoker - universal fighting machine

As mentioned above, the main advantageInvoker is its absolute universality. He has 10 active abilities of the most diverse type, beginning with a long invisibility and ending with the possibility of putting pinpoints on the entire map, so in the DotA project, Invoker can freely hold his line and simultaneously help the ally on the other line to press his opponent. The active abilities used also depend on exactly what combination of balls the player uses. Due to this, you first need to figure out how to control this character in general, and only then think about what things are needed for Invoker.

In this case, depending on the balls usedThe player can disperse the high speed of attack and run, increase the attack power or make his character more tenacious, multiplying his regeneration, and the player does not even need to think much about how to pump in a certain direction, because he can directly change his direction in battle.

What is the complexity of the Invoker?

DotA 2 things on the Invoker

Far from a reason, despite the fact that the "Dot"Invoker by all players is recognized as the most difficult character, very few people take it to play at least in order to show their skills. The game for this hero is a real art.

Need to shuffle the balls

If someone is tanking or there is no danger of dying,increases the damage. If you need to catch up or run away, and also move between the lines for the gank, the speed of running and attack is accelerated. In between battles, or if necessary, tanking involves accelerated regeneration of mana and health.

You need to switch the activity

The hero, as mentioned above, can activate 10(not counting the switching of balls and ultimate), but there are only 2 on the panel. In connection with this, to use a number of active abilities, you need to shuffle the balls between each other during the fight, use the utmite and immediately throw the skill to roll back, and The player could then switch to the following assets.

Need to adjust to the active

The strength and effect of the majority of the active depend onWhat kind of balls are now hanging on the hero. In this regard, before throwing a skill, you first need to set up the balls to add it to the Ultimate, and then reconfigure them to get the desired effect from it, and so on to each individual ability.

Given that all these actions need to be carried outin just a few seconds, switch even 5 contra-drums and get the desired effect from them, use active skills from the collected things as needed, controlling the situation on the battlefield and switching the balls to specific needs - all this looks almost the same as Beethoven in performance of Rachmaninov.

What kind of things to collect?

Dota Invoker

Most often in the game "Dota 2" things on Invoker are going to the following:

  • Drum Endurance (drum). Activates the increase in attack speed and run of surrounding allies, and also gives small bonuses to the characteristics.
  • Power Treads (crutch). A mandatory element in such a set, as things on the Invoker. Speed ​​and attack power, decent running speed and the ability to switch to different stats depending on the situation.
  • Force Staff. A small bonus to intelligence and active ability in the form of an enemy push.
  • Blink Dagger. Teleportation in a certain direction.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity. The necessary bonuses to the intellect and regen of mana, as well as the ability to raise the enemy in the air.
  • Orchid Malevolence. Bonus to intelligence and active in the form of fat (dumbness, prohibition on the inclusion of magical abilities).
  • Scythe of Vyse (hex). Bonus to intelligence, mana regeneration and active to turn an enemy into an animal.
  • Aghanim's Scepter (aganim, amplifier). Strengthens our ultimate and adds a little to the intellect.
  • Refresher Orb. A very useful artifact, completely rolling back our abilities, because the long cd of Invokera's actives is one of his weaknesses.
  • Black King Bar (BCB). Avatar - complete invulnerability to spells and magic damage.
  • Veil of Discord. Increase the magic damage for the selected enemy.
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