Causes of pigmentation on the face and ways of bleaching

Anyone has on his body pigmentedstains. It's not just moles and freckles, but also senile spots, lentigo, etc. They are distinguished by their size and color intensity. It's good, if they are on the parts of the body, hidden from the eyes under the clothes. A great inconvenience is caused by age spots on the face. A person suffering from blemishes is indifferent to the causes of pigmentation on the face, he just wants to get rid of it. Especially since it is difficult to hide or make up cosmetics.

The causes of pigmentation on the face are different. Most often, spots appear as a result of human diseases. They cause metabolic disorders, intestinal functions, female diseases, the environment, etc. In order for them to disappear, it is necessary to eliminate the cause, because of which the spots appeared. It is necessary to consult a doctor and cure the underlying disease.

The causes of pigmentation on the face can be related andwith the environment in which people live. The lack of vitamin C, the frequent exposure of the sun to the skin, harmful production, antibiotic treatment - all this provokes the appearance of pigment spots. Pigmentation may appear in response to irritating cosmetics. A frequent phenomenon is congenital birthmarks. It's hardest to fight with them.

causes of pigmentation on the face

Who will help to remove the pigment spots on the face

To correct skin imperfections, alwayscontact a specialist. Self-treatment is always a risk. Instead of disappearing, spots may, on the contrary, become even darker or their number may increase. An experienced cosmetologist will correctly determine the causes of pigment spots on the face, make a program for their removal. He will tell you which doctor should be contacted if they are associated with any diseases of the internal organs.

to remove pigment spots on the face

Methods for removing pigmentation on the face

As a rule, to remove skin defectscover resort to artificial exfoliation of cells. To this end, various irritants are used in beauty parlors: hydrogen peroxide, mercury ointments, masks, etc. At home use bleaching cream, lotions, broths for washing.

Before starting procedures it is important to determine the causes of pigmentation on the face. And in accordance with this use this or that tool.

Lemon or grapefruit juice - greatbleaching agent. Slice of lemon wipe the problem area in the morning and evening. To prevent skin peeling after the procedure, apply a moisturizer. Juices not only bleach spots, but also nourish the face with vitamin C.

causes of age spots on the face

Kefir Masks. Small strips of gauze should be moistened in kefir and put on face, leaving them for twenty minutes. Then the gauze is removed, and the remnants of kefir are removed with cotton swabs or disks. This procedure is carried out twice a day for a week. The skin on the face becomes much lighter.

Cucumber juice. This is an excellent whitening agent. The skin can be wiped with freshly squeezed juice, and a slice of cucumber. For greater effect, you can make a cucumber mask. Cucumber slices are applied to the face, aged for 20 minutes, then removed, and the skin is wiped with a cotton swab.

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