Interesting ideas about how to braid a braid around the head

To give your appearance a variety, you canTo learn simple reception - to create from own hair beautiful braids-rims. No special skills and special hairdressing education is required. To do this, you need only a little patience and imagination, because you can plait a braid around the head of any girl. Pay attention to these original, but simple hairstyles.

how to braid a braid around the head

Traditional weaving braids around the head

If your hair is long enough, then separateon the one hand in the area behind the ear strand. The rest of the curls, so as not to interfere with the work, for a time fix the clamps. Combine the hair and moisten it with a styling agent, so that the future scythe does not get ruffled when worn. Begin to weave a classical pigtail. If you want a tight and thin, then tightly twist the turns. Sometimes I want to make the spit airy and a little careless. How to make a braid around a scalp? You can not tighten it during the weaving, but after finishing the work, you can fix the finished pigtail with an elastic band and carefully pull out the hair loops. If this is done only on one side of the future rim (opposite to the person), then you will end up with a kind of diadem. Sprinkle your work with lacquer and secure it with invisible objects in the area of ​​the other ear. Now comb and lay the remaining hair. Places of attachment under the hair will not be visible.

How to braid a braid around the head: a double element


If your hair is medium in length, and you want to make your hairline, you can arrange it with two braids, which are woven from both sides of the head and cross over in the area of ​​the crown. So:

  1. Start work from the zone of one ear. Secure the braid with a rubber band. Then, similarly to the first pigtail, form the same element from the opposite side.
  2. Since you can not braid the braid around the head due to the fact that there is not enough length and thickness of the hair, you need to slightly loosen each pigtail, pulling the loops in it. This will make the bezel more bulky.
    how to make a braid around the head
  3. Throw one of the braids to the oppositeside of the head and imperceptibly attach to the hair (hairpin or invisible). Do the same operation with another detail of the hairstyle. You have to cross braids with each other.
  4. Lay the remaining hair. Very beautiful look ringlets with such a rim.

How to braid a braid around the head in an original way?

how to make a braid around the head
Imagine that you are shaping out of your hairaccording to the previous technology, two elements. The only difference is that from one ear you weave a simple classic braid, and from the other - two tightly twisted bundles that will become the frame of your rim and will look like the photo. In this variant, it is very important to observe the sequence of attachment of the elements: weaving and fixing the main braid is necessary first. This is due to the fact that the strands are easily disintegrated and disheveled. Therefore, begin to weave the first of the bundles after the central braid is already fixed. Then attach it and start working on the second bundle. To the hair in the process of creating this hairstyle you do not interfere, separate the two strands for the twisted details behind the ear and keep them fixed until you attach the braid itself.

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